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Waitress' note to patron after she picks up tab for couple, goes viral today

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When a waitress left a kind note to her customer who happened to pick up the tab for an elderly couple having breakfast, she had no idea that note would make headline news. The note, which conveys the heartfelt deed of kindness by this woman customer, went viral online, according to Fox News on March 18.

Kristn Kinzle was dining with a group when she noticed an elderly couple who seem to be enjoying each others company sitting at a nearby table. She called the waitress over and wanted to pay for their breakfast bill, which she did.

The waitress at Mimi’s Café in Victorville, California left her a note after doing the good deed. The note simply said:

"I just wanted to tell you that you did an amazing thing paying for that table's breakfast. They are in town because that man just lost his brother. So you lifted their spirits, even if just for a moment."

The waitress, Stephanie Miller, thought it was so kind of this woman to spring for the $30 tab. It meant so much to her because she had lost someone close to her, a year to the day of this happy check paying incident. She understood just how the man was feeling about losing his brother and just how this act of kindness helped a bit through the sadness.

Krinzle started crying when she got the waitresses' note, she was immediately overcome. “I just hope it made them for just a moment happy with that amount of sadness,” she said. The story has gone viral, as another good deed is seen coming from a restaurant today!



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