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Waitress Abigail Sailors gets $6,000 tip for school tuition and needs

Abigail Sailors
Abigail Sailors
Fox News

Abigail Sailors, 18, received a phenomenal tip while working at the Cracker Barrel Restaurant in Lincoln, Nebraska, according to Yahoo! News on Monday.

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As the story goes, two men walked in the restaurant for lunch and asked to sit in the section of the restaurant that had the server in the worst mood because they wanted to charm a person into being happy. The two were told by the hostess that the restaurant chain doesn’t have an employee like that. Instead, the hostess put the two in the section of the restaurant’s happiest waitress.

The two diners asked Sailors her about why she was so happy. As the meal progressed, Sailors told the diners about her life in the past. She said she was the youngest of five kids in her family and was jostled through foster care as a child. Her past included being abused and being separated time and time again from her siblings. She said that about five years ago, John and Susi Sailors gave them a home some five years ago.

Recently, however, Sailors is attending Trinity Bible College in Ellendale, North Dakota, but she had to take the next semester off until she could save her pay and tips for tuition bills in the future – as she is paying her own way. As a freshman at Trinity Bible College, she plays basketball and is being educated in psychology and youth ministry.

At the end of the meal, the two men left a $100 tip that Sailors split with another server. But that’s not all. One of the two diners informed her that he was an alumnus of Trinity and proceeded to write Sailors two checks. One was for $5,000 for school and another was for $1,000 for whatever else she needs.

Sailors said she couldn’t believe it. When she attempted to thank the men, they said, “Thank God.”

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