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Waiting for the unemployment extension? Don't hold your breath

Free coffee and soup for the unemployed during the 1930s
Free coffee and soup for the unemployed during the 1930s


  • FedUP! 6 years ago

    Can't wait to vote out Scott Brown!

  • MikeR 6 years ago

    Scott Brown is now all bout self interest. Massachusetts unemployment rate still remains high and yet he does nothing to help the poor working slobs of this state. Lets send Scott Brown Packing!

  • Smith 6 years ago

    Fire up the f150 and drive it out of Massachusetts Brown!

  • Brian 6 years ago

    I can't wait to finish this post and send him a email letting him know why he is wrong and will never last in office. His views are extremely out of touch with reality. I hope he gets the message loud and clear come election time and any of the others blocking passage of the bill. Orrin, Nelson,and any one else all of them make me want to puke.

  • Mark 6 years ago

    Scott Brown Doesn't have The last Say in This Matter! If he Doesn't Vote Yes, We will find someone who Will!! Thanks for the Heads up, Debbie Downer!

  • 2nd Amendment 6 years ago

    Scott Brown is an outright LIAR for saying Business owners are saying they cant hire because of people being on unemployment. PROVE IT YOU SOB.Tell those comapnies to PROVE THAT PUBLICLY. You should have all your teeth knocked out. Hey, what a great idea...hire more bodyguards

  • amarie 6 years ago

    Scott Brown... If you were to lose your jobs and the tables were turned would you not want someone to help you out? I think so. Dont say it cant ever happen to you because it can. People need to pay there bills, cloth children, put food on the table and try to be sane while looking for full time employment. It took the country how long to get into debt, the country is not going to get out of debt within a year. So please, pass an extension. Maybe if the million people who will not have unemployment benefits stand face to face with you then maybe you will see and have a heart. So please it will take time for our economy to get strong so please pass the unemployment extensions...Thanks

  • Billy Hill88 6 years ago

    Sounds like the democrats need to quit sitting idle on this issue and start to compromise. What reason do democrats have for not using unspent stimulus to fund this extension? I think that would be a excellent use of those funds, and a better solution than raising taxes on the businesses that we want to start hiring.

  • frank sekach 6 years ago

    See what happens when people are influnced by the tea party> Just saw on NBC where more people want the GOP to control the senate then democrats if you think this is bad wait till the party of no controls the the house and senate. If you don't make $250,000 a year I suggest you stake out which overpass you will live under!! Please be sure and Democrat in Nov.!!

  • BSR99 6 years ago

    Scott Brown didnt seem to worry about the deficit when they voted on war spending! Scott Brown is NOT for the hardworking people of his state. Scott Brown is all bout self interest. Good luck with the party of 'NO'. I will be saying no when election time comes pal!

  • Angered AC 6 years ago

    Let me get this straight. We have had little concern over the budget when we provided TARP to corporations that used funds to acquire more assets, pay bonus ie, "Big Biz" campaign contributors. But we as a country are comfortable allowing the "People" to go without any means to provide for their families. I love the concern- We the unemployed are getting "comfortable" getting a check. Should I show the Senate the 120+ jobs I've applied to. Give the Senate an update. I've paid significant taxes for more than 20 years. Those taxes have paid their salaries if I'm not mistaken. They could learn a good lesson from my dog, "Don't bite the hand that feeds you!"

  • Billy Hill88 6 years ago

    It's not Scott Brown we need to call on this issue, it is the Democrats! Call all the Democratic members of the Senate to get this extension funded with unspent stimulus money, and QUICKLY!

  • Yolanda 6 years ago

    She looks like she don't know what she's talking about. Stay positive everyone and be encouraged.

  • realist 6 years ago

    plenty of folks are turning down work - just google it!
    I know I'll suck every last dollar out of unemployment that I can before I go back to work and I only get $143 per week..

  • loser 6 years ago

    I was dumb and held out hope my company would pull through and accepted less hours till about late October 2009. I had $4K and $5k thousand dollar quarters where I normally made well over $11K.

    After 27 years I found out about how the do figure insurance and relly messed myself up. I'm lucky and thankful to get my $250 thanks to the $25 extra fed. But now I ran out of 26 weeks of 250's and have had nothing for almost a month. My last week of regular state unemployment was $5 dollars and then the sent me a letter on July 7 to apply for federal extension. It's like you have to be a player to know all the rules. I'm lost without and extension, even with the extra $25.00 taken out.

    Why can't the Democrats agree to cut some spending or use the stimulus?

  • ME 6 years ago

    Read the bill. Reparations for upset Indians, hedge fund tax breaks, coke as fuel for cars! Mitch McConnell wants to use the unused stimulus funds to pay for this. Harry Reid has said no. read more before you write a stupid article

  • lajuan 6 years ago

    why? would you do this to your own your own

  • bob 6 years ago

    Just emailed Scott Brown. I tried to keep it as civil as I could. I'm so upset over this sillyness. Pass the stupid bill. We'll make the money back next year. Geeez. If the republicans hadn't been sending our jobs to China and India for eight years, we wouldn't be in this mess. Here's a list of idiots that need voted out of office: North Carolina Senator Richard Burr; South Carolina Senator Jim Demint and Senator Jim Graham; Texas Senator John Cornyn; Florida Senator George S. LeMieux; Ohio Seantor George Voinovich; Kansas Senator Sam Brownback; Idaho Senator Mike Crapo; Iowa Senator Charles E. Grassley; Kentucky Senator Jim Bunning; Louisiana Senator David Vitter; South Dakota Senator John Thune; Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander; Utah Senator Rober Bennett; Main Senator Susan Collins; Mississippi Senator Thad Cochran; Missouri Senator Christopher S. Bond; Wyoming Senator Mike Enzi; Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn; Georgia Senator Johnny Isakson; New Hampshire Senator Judd A. Gregg

  • Sarah 6 years ago

    I can't wait to vote him out also. I got a list ready.

  • bob 6 years ago

    Here's Practical: I live in the country. Guess how many $8/hr part time gigs have said I needed to have a car. All of them. How can you afford a car and gas on $240, and that's if you can find a full time job? I'm not even talking about rent, food, utilities, hair cuts ...

  • bob 6 years ago

    You know in every city and every state there looking for ways to cut the budget. well why dont the people in Washington that work for us take a pay cut? Im sure if we all vote to cut there pay right? I can hear them saying now" if you cut my pay or put me in a lower paying job Ill quit"!!!! Dont we the people take moneys out of our pocket?

  • VoteBrownOut 6 years ago

    I just sent e-mails to Brown, Hatch etc...watching C-Span is like watching the circus and what a waste of time!! Pass the extension/assistance. Nothing more than Republican posturing..this is rediculous!!!

  • john rizzuto 6 years ago

    anyone who votes REPUBLICAN is crazy.unless you make over 200 thousand these people won't help you.VOTE these no-goods out.lets put them on unemployment.

  • Lily 6 years ago

    Vote them out. We are all responsible to vote them out of office. Do not depend on others to do this. Every one of us need to be heard come voting time.

  • Frank Sekach 6 years ago

    I can't believe that senators in high unemployment states like Brown still vote no on the extension!! I live in Michigan and our 2 US Senators, Carl Levin and Debbie Stabenow both voted yes and both have a history of fighting for the working man!! Oh did I mention they are both Democrats.

  • Denver 6 years ago

    I'm a 99er. I'm still looking. I'm still unemployed.

    I'd like to see an extension to the end of the year. I'd also like to see that extension paid for with hard tax dollars before it is signed into law.

    Scott Brown is right. Pay for the extension.

  • jeff 6 years ago

    didnt the democrats pass our great new health care plan with just a simple majority(not 60 votes) so why cant they pass an unemployment extension the same way they passed the health care???anyone know

  • Lorrie 6 years ago

    Don't forget to vote Scott Brown out of office - his term is up in 2012. I tried to email his office and the email was returned to me. It was probably scanned for the word "unemployment".

    I guess he's not driving around in his pick up truck these days.

    The actions of these Senators are totally insulting to middle class workers who have lost their jobs because of the mishandling of businesses in this country. I can't believe we are being treated like this. It's just sad

  • Jim 6 years ago

    I live in Maine, lost my benefits of only 196$ a week at the start of bank accounts closed due to insufficient funds, can't be mobile cause of gas, in danger of losing my car, cell phone shut off, and though my rents fair...I can't pay it. It was nearly impossible to do anything but stay home all the time I won't even have a home to stay in.

  • VoteBrownOut 6 years ago

    His e-mail is probably full as many are doing the same. I just took a minute and e-mailed Senator kerry and asked if he could visit with Scotty and slap him upside his head...bring him into reality..hopefully he will be unemployed soon...

  • its time 6 years ago

    The U.S Senate are the true terrorist of this country they should be brought up on charges for how they screwed over the american people while making millions for them selves. Their dicisions have made this country what it is and choose to do nothing to help the people because there is nothing in it for them. I think it's time for everyone to read the Declaration of Independence and see what our forefathers would have done with what we witness everyday with our leaders.

  • POed 6 years ago

    It's not just Scott Brown and it's not just the republicans. Democrats are playing a role in this time, more worried about the rich than the middle class.
    btw, if you're looking for some really good job search advice check out the internet radio show at

  • loser 6 years ago

    why wont the Democrats even vote for one of the many Republican proposals?

    Whatever happens to this bill, dead or not, will have to be voted upon by the House/Pelosi again. Obama executive order for his voters anyone?

  • Mark 6 years ago

    It's not just Scott Brown, it's ALL politicians of BOTH parties.
    Both parties have agendas they want to keep, and "we the people" aren't on either agenda.
    The republicans want to keep the rich richer, while the Dems want to give money away to illegals, the rest of the world, and other stupid stuff....period!
    Who will suffer? The taxpayers who have worked for the last 10 to 40 or more years who carried this country on their backs.

    I'm not saying I'd like to see it happen, but if Washington blew up when they all were in session, I probably wouldn't shed much of a tear.
    Why should I, they couldn't care less about us.

  • Michele, Indiana 6 years ago

    Thank you for the link to his website and his numbers! I have left a message on his MASS number and his DC number! I sent an email and I'm gonna blow up his fax machine! I am gonna send letters to all of his offices and not stop! One guy on another site said it best! REVOLT!!! We have the power in numbers to start a Revolutionary War that Congress will not know where it came from! SHAME ON ALL OF THESE A**HOLES! EXCUSE MY LANGUAGE!

  • PO'd 6 years ago

    I agree with Scott Brown that is needs to be paid for. The issue is..they are not doing anything on it. If they need to cut spending in other places they need to get it done. They have not made this much of a priority. If Scott Brown thinks he will get re-elected in Mass by sitting on his hands and touching himself after his hands fall asleep. He is mistaken. Get the thing done. People are in need. Get it done.

  • Mattman(MI) 6 years ago

    I need a tier 5 tier 5 tier 5 extension!!! There are NO jobs out here. If there are no new extensions then I guess it really dont matter. Good luck everyone else!!

  • Steve 6 years ago

    You know if you Google "Scott Brown Senator" he has the first link and the title is ELECT Scott Brown for Senator, dated June 16 2010.

  • guest 6 years ago

    Anyone watch C-span?? These people are a waste of taxpayers $$$ and we pay for this nonsense... Pass the bill already and quit wasting more time..Now they want to recognize "Post Pardum Depression Day.

  • Bill 6 years ago

    In response to the question as to why they can't pass it with a simple majority, they need 60 votes to end debate and get to a vote on the bill. This is what they can't get. If they actually voted on the bill, the Dems could pass it with a simple majority. The Republican plan was paid for, but wasn't a valid proposal because stimulus money is earmarked for something else. They would have to vote to un-allocate the money, then vote to use it for unemployment. The Dems probably wouldn't allow this to happen. Politics is a dirty dirty game. Sadly, it is us getting the dirtiest.

  • Bubba 6 years ago

    when are we all going to stop whining and start marching and take it too them in person??? There is far more of us than they can handle. What is right is right. Me and my family have lost everything cars home tent unemployment. I payed in for 34 years and never collected anything till now at least let me draw what i have payed in. Oh i forgot they gave it all out a few years ago in a general fund.

  • USMC 6 years ago


  • John 6 years ago

    Lets hope the next bomb hits washington

  • Coming Home 6 years ago

    Hey Sen Brown-
    I am coming back to my home state to live with family if HR4213 does not pass.(No more savings to burn through) Did I mention I'm a liberal voter???
    Better hope my interviews pan out!!

  • jackmeoff 6 years ago

    i hate this. they are going to have problems when crime rises 1500% after all these people are on the street. I am lucky my wife still has a job, b ut the benefits make it possible to keep our home. At least the Dems have not forgotten about us. Scott Brown is going to be voted out in 2012 after this and other nonsense.

  • cat 6 years ago

    The reason is the reps want the extension paid for with the stimulus money and the dems are hoarding 350 billion in stimulus money that they have earmarked for their special interests. While the dems and the reps play their games of tug o war on power, the people suffer for it. All I can say is come November it won't matter which party the incumbents are sitting in or how much stimulus gets thrown into the economy at that time "to buy votes", they're all going to lose their jobs.

  • USMC 6 years ago


  • MIKE 6 years ago

    This is very bad news for millions, if no extention then were going to see mass foreclosures and families hurting. No food hurts.

  • VoteBrownOut 6 years ago

    Pressure the press corp with your own questions for Mr. Obama. Call WWR toll free:1-866-USA-0021 (872-0021) It could be asked at next news conference. I urge everyone to call and ask about Tier 5 to survive & benefits for those who have run out and now going hungry and homeless. Ask him where are the jobs Mr. President so we can feed our families?

  • Derek 6 years ago

    The democrats didn't need republicans to shove healthcare down our thoats. Why are they acting like they need them now to pass unemployment extensions?


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