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"Waiting for Lightning", a new movie about pro skater Danny Way now in theatres

Not too long ago, in this very column, I wrote that there isn't much that can be said about Danny Way that hasn't been said before.

Poster for "Waiting for Lightning", a new documentary about pro skater Danny Way
Source: DC Shoes

Fortunately now, there is a lot to see.

A documentary entitled Waiting For Lightning has hit the theaters this week and disclosures a side of Danny that likely has not been seen from the sidelines of the skateboarding world.

From that perspective, there is nothing new about the fact that he once dropped from a flying helicopter, or jumped the Great Wall of China, or that he won gold at X Games many times, or was the first pro to ever being awarded Thrasher’s Skater of the Year twice – yet, this is fundamentally one lonely path that no other skater has ever followed.

For us, skaters, the movie reveals another side of this human being and how he, despite a harrowing upbringing, numerous defeats and countless injuries, persevered to become what many call “the greatest skateboarder ever” and transformed this action sport and what is possible to accomplish with a skateboard.

Check your local listings to catch it on the big screen or head to iTunes to download it.

Waiting for Lightening
Director: Jacob Rosenberg
Writer: Bret Anthony Johnston
Cast: Friends and family of Danny Way
Time: 92 min.
Rating: PG-13


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