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Waiter! There's Olive Oil in my Martini!

Dom’s Caprese Martini
Dom’s Caprese Martini

Who needs an olive in their martini when they could have a mozzarella ball, basil leaf and olive oil! This summer, the martini is getting a complete makeover as olive oil makes a leap from the plate to the shaker as the newest must-have cocktail ingredient. Gracy Ramirez, head bartender at West Hollywood’s original rat pack hangout Dominick’s, has created the Dom’s Caprese Martini for imbibers to get a taste of the trending olive oil aperitif. This savory and delicious concoction can be enjoyed with dinner or as a light afternoon refreshment.

The Dom’s Caprese Martini is made with house made olive oil infused Green Mark Vodka, Dolin Dry Vermouth, clarified fresh tomato juice, basil syrup, with atomized spray of aged balsamic vinegar and garnished with a basil leaf and mini mozzarella ball.