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Wait Before You Deviate

I see women all the time in awe of other people's relationships. Honestly, it is not that difficult to find a wonderful man. However, it does require three important things. One of the three things is the ability to know what to reject. The second criteria is the ability to know what to accept. The third thing is your ability to deliver.

Women get wounded only when they deviate from their initial criteria of terms that they have identified for their ideal candidate. I have been guilty. It's true that women often say no car, no job, no house equals no me. However, somewhere in the female construct emotionalism can make one say that one toxic statement. This statement is I see his potential.

The word "potential" is a very unstable word. Potential always means that someone is currently not in a mindset and/or space that maximizes their abilities. Whenever a woman says that her lover has potential she is essentially putting herself in the position to be a life coach. Being a life coach is one of those iffy situations. Your efforts may be successful. Once you help him turn his life around he may be forever grateful. However, too often women who are in the life coach capacity get dumped when the male is in a better financial and mental capacity.

The most important criteria in finding a good man is knowing what to accept. You can't accept your Boaz if you are still dealing with someone who you have given a billion chances. Knowing what to accept often means waiting. Waiting means that you will encounter several counterfeits. Additionally, knowing what to accept often means letting your existing situation go. If you do not bend, your mental clarity and energy will be right when your ideal candidate comes along.

This goes directly into delivery. You will not be able to deliver if you are bogged down by the heartbreaks of yesterday. This is why the wait process is essential. Yes, a man can assess excess baggage. A man who is into you only wants to know about you. This process entails having good energy that is light and not heavy. You can't have a fun and light energy if you have not healed from past situations.

All of the women who I know in wonderful marriages had one important characteristic. This characteristic is that they were a stickler for the type of man that they allowed in their life. None of these women had a build your own bear workshop mentality. By this I mean they were not in the business of propping a man up. From day one they assessed their characteristics. All of their husbands are intelligent, receptive, hard working men. These men know how to be men and in turn complement their lives.

This article does not come as a message to beat you up. Even the women in successful marriages endured bad relationships at one point. However, the point is that they reached a breaking point of no more. Once they got to this point they stuck to their criteria. This in turn ensured a happier and more vital life.

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