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‘Wahlburgers’ offer a glimpse at family life; A&E fans see Donnie, Mark

Ever thought of keeping up with the Wahlbergs? The new A&E reality show has fans checking out the Walhbergs at their restaurant called “Wahlburgers.” According to Zap2It on Wednesday, Mark Wahlberg will be the next host of the Nickelodeon’s 27th Annual Kids’ Choice Awards, but fans can catch all seven siblings and Mark’s mom on the new reality show.

So what will the fans get to see on the show? The Wahlberg kids don’t stop competing for their mother’s attention even though they are old enough to know better. Looking at their life, this show isn’t the typical reality show seen on television, but more of a chance to see how this successful family has a tight bond to each other and the community.

Giving candid look at life at the family’s burger joint it is Paul, Mark’s older brother, that helps guide the viewers on the show. Viewers will laugh and feel like they are part of the family too. Of course there is plenty of family influence on the show and even look at the famous Double D burger (appropriately named after Donnie.)

One of the best kept secrets on A&E, the “Wahburgers” are right after Duck Dynasty on Wednesday night.

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