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‘Wahlburgers’ looks for ‘The Great Wahlberg of China’ on A&E

Mark Wahlburg and Johnny Drama went to China to open Wahlburgers
Mark Wahlburg and Johnny Drama went to China to open Wahlburgers
"Photo courtesy of A&E, used with permission."

On last night’s episode the guys and Alma talk about their childhood when a vacation was hopping in their father’s work truck and driving to New Hampshire, two hours away. They had no seat belts, or safety devices. They remember when they arrived, and nine kids jumped out of the back of the refrigerated truck to the amazement of the people around them.

As Paul is setting up the patio at Alma Nove, when their cousin, Johnny Drama comes to see him with news that he and Nacho are going to China with Mark. They were invited on the “Transformers Age of Extinction” tour, so they can check on sites for a Wahlburgers in China. Alma asks Johnny to do her a favor while there; she wants him to visit a fortune teller. She goes to fortune tellers and wants the Chinese perspective.

On the way over there, with Nacho and Hamster, Mark tells Johnny he has another audition for him. So when he finds a fortune teller, he stops to see what his future will bring. A man and woman have cages with birds inside. When Johnny asks his question, the bird comes out and should choose a card for him. The bird looks at Johnny for a while, and finally chooses a card. The card states that he must work hard for his career. His audition is tomorrow, and as the woman translates what the man says, she tells Johnny to speed up the situation, he must eat black things. The shocked look on his face, is enough when she tells him he should eat thousand-year-old eggs.

When the guys leave the fortune-tellers, they immerse themselves in the culture, so now Johnny needs a wardrobe change. Nacho, Hamster and Johnny check out the street food, that they could possibly incorporate into the Wahlburgers menu. They found the thousand-year-old egg, and Johnny would not eat it. He hated the smell and shuddered to even think about putting it in his mouth. Nacho grabbed it and ate it. Because Johnny was filming the night out, they showed Mark what went on. When Mark saw the black egg and Nacho eating it, he nearly puked.

They then visited Shanghai and Beijing, and when Johnny went there, there were three commercials available for him to audition for. The first was for anti-bacterial underwear, to avoid jock itch. Johnny said he had no problems down there, and passed on this one. The next one, was for Panda Tea, made from panda poop. That one was nixed immediately. The last one was for Turtle Pudding, which he accepted. Then he was taken to the audition for a cold reading, and he had to taste the pudding that was black. Maybe the fortune-teller was right after all. He reneged on eating the pudding, but the audition went quickly … until he had to do it in Chinese. However, Ron helped him through it.

Back home, he went to see Alma and Paul, and told them he did not get the commercial. He described the fact that he was told by the fortune-teller to eat something black. Paul told him he should have eaten it. So Johnny brought out a can of the Turtle Pudding. Paul tasted it and loved it, he said it tasted like tea, and Paul loves tea. In fact, Paul continued to eat it, making Johnny regret that he did not listen to the fortune-teller on this episode of “Wahlburgers.”

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