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‘Wahlburgers’ dreads to hear ‘Here’s the Drill’ on A&E

The Wahlbergs when they were kids!
The Wahlbergs when they were kids!
"Photo courtesy of A&E, used with permission."

On last night’s episode the guys talk about their dear mother, and her addiction to shopping. Donnie’s friend Danny Wood needs another person for his fantasy football team for his mother’s breast cancer foundation. They want someone who knows nothing about football to give them a better chance, so Donnie calls Paul. However, Paul is no dummy and calls on Rob Gronkowski for help. Rob is a tight end for the New England Patriots, so if anyone should be able to help him, Rob should be the one. Rob needs a favor, so with one hand washing the other, Paul is recruited to teach Rob how to cook for his upcoming family cookout.

Johnny Drama, Mark’s cousin is out in California having a few auditions. For a surprise, he picks Mark up in his first car; a Mercedes. Johnny purchased it with the Funky Bunch money seventeen years ago. Paul relates that Mark’s first car was a Mercedes-Benz, Donnie’s first car was a Saab convertible, but his first car, a poop-brown Mercury Zephyr. Johnny is disappointed that he did not get any parts that Mark sent him to audition for. Johnny was against actors with several parts under their belts, but Johnny has little experience. Mark told him that he seemed self-conscious about his teeth, but Johnny stated that he was working on getting them fixed.

Mark finally persuades him to get the teeth fixed. Donnie tries to call his mother; a tradition before each opening night. But Alma has a new phone and is playing games. If she does not answer, it will break his streak and he may fall and break a leg or something.

At the dentist office, Johnny needs 28 crowns on his 28 teeth, but first he needs his eighth root canal and wants to jump out the window. Mark wants to see his cousin do well on auditions, so he orders the dentist to go ahead. At Gronk’s house, he puts out a great meal for his family, then he asks Paul how the fantasy football went? He told him that he picked Tom Brady in the first round. Gronk asks if he chose him? He told him that Donnie took him out from under his nose. Gronk taught this lug all he could, and Paul did not even pick him in the fantasy draft. Then Gronk ratted Paul out to his father, who gave him a bunch of crap. Gronk wasn’t mad at Paul, but surely had him going.

When Paul and Alma were coming to work, there were about twenty packages waiting for her. She bought all these items on her cell phone. There is no doubt about it; Alma is hooked on shopping and now can do it from anywhere on this episode of “Wahlburgers.”