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Wagner announces endorsements in the Lehigh Valley

April 22, 2010, led by State Representative Jennifer Mann, 11 elected officials and Democratic Party leaders from the Lehigh Valley announced their endorsement of Auditor General Jack Wagner in his candidacy for Governor.

Joining Representative Mann in endorsing Wagner was State Representatives Rich Grucela and Joseph Brennan, Clerk of Judicial Records Andrea Naugle, Vice President of Allentown City Council W. Michael Donovan, Allentown City Councilman Peter Schweyer, Chair of the Bethlehem City Democratic Committee Jimmy Schlener, Democratic State Committee members Susan Rutt, Rob Hopkins and Patricia Smith-Mendsen and 2nd Vice Chair of the Lehigh County Democratic Committee Courtney Robinson. 

"Jack's track record as President of Pittsburgh City Council, a State Senator, and now Auditor General gives him an unmatched understanding of government at all levels," said Mann. "He has served with integrity in a bi-partisan manner.  Jack has the right plan to stimulate Pennsylvania's economy and create jobs. His audits have found hundreds of millions of dollars in potential sustainable savings. I am proud to endorse Auditor General Jack Wagner and encourage Pennsylvania citizens to vote for him in the May Democratic primary election."

"I am humbly grateful and honored to have the support of these fine leaders who do a terrific job representing the citizens of the Lehigh Valley," said Wagner. "They are consummate professionals who have a clear understanding of the issues impacting state and local government. I look forward to working with them and hearing their ideas if I am fortunate to be elected Governor."

More information about Jack Wagner's campaign for Governor can be found at 




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