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'Waffle Taco War' continues with new Taco Bell advertisement

Taco Bell recently launched their new line of breakfast items, headlined by the waffle taco. This new product campaign is an effort to steal some market share in the fast food breakfast industry. The multi-billion dollar industry has been dominated by McDonald's, but Taco Bell is making both product and advertising moves to get a piece of the pie. Today, April 7, 2014, they announced yet another advertisement that takes a shot at McDonald's.

In an effort to follow up their previous advertisement that showed various men named Ronald Mcdonald enjoying the new Taco Bell breakfast items, they have launched a new advertisement to the familiar tune poking fun at the dated offerings of Mcdonalds breakfast.

USAToday has a story that shows the new advertisement, which is just as clever as the previous one that ran last week. These efforts by Taco Bell have not gone unnoticed. McDonald's responded to the launch of the new breakfast items and initial advertising by offering free coffee, a rare promotion for the company to run.

We will have to wait and see if the new Taco Bell breakfast is a passing fad or a potential staple in commuter chow, but until then we can enjoy some of the most entertaining marketing efforts of the year.

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