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Waffle House denies waitress $1,000 tip: Single mom loses tip, guest gives back

When a Waffle House denies a waitress a $1,000 tip, it’s going to cause a serious uproar among fellow servers and the public community alike. A 26-year-old single mom and hardworking waitress by the name of Shaina Brown was working at a local Raleigh, NC, Waffle House restaurant when she became the recent recipient of the massive tip for her good service back on Mother’s Day. However, the woman apparently lost it due to the company’s refund policy. Today News confirms this Tuesday, June 10, 2014, that the generous guest nonetheless sought out Brown once again to offer her a $1,000 check and ensure she did indeed receive the money she earned.

A Waffle House denies a waitress her big tip, guest gives back
Wikimedia Commons

Having been working at the Waffle House for seven years in order to support her children as a single mom, Shaina Brown was understandably in grateful awe when she received a $1,000 tip this Mother’s Day 2014 from one bighearted customer. So the 26-year-old waitress was later devastated to learn that she could not keep the money due to the restaurant chain’s unbending policy regarding expensive tips. Due to the company not wishing to deal with any legal issues in the future from the tip giver withdrawing his or her tip, they simply do not allow their employees to accept them.

Within a single month, this story of a single Waffle House denying its waitress the $1,000 tip went viral on the Web, and eventually the kind tipper heard of Brown’s ordeal. In order to make sure she did indeed get the money, the unidentified individual came forward to try to tell the restaurant chain that they should provide her with the tip. When the Waffle House still refused, the tipper then went directly to Shaina Brown and wrote her a check worth $1,000, much to her shock and happiness.

Since the controversial issue brought some bad press onto the North Carolina Waffle House, the Charlotte Observer News revealed that they offered a formal apology statement earlier this week, saying they will review their policy and tipping processes in the future so that all chains may “get tips to our associates quicker in these unusual situation(s).”

Brown said that the guest came in on Mother’s Day with his family, and was intensely moved by her history, from working hard for years at her job as a Waffle House waitress to being a single mother with no less than three kids.

“I told him I was a single parent, three children, working two jobs, going to school, doing what I have to do,” Brown told a national news station. “And he told me, ‘Shaina, I’m going to bless you tonight.’ At first I didn’t get the weight of the statement. I thought he was joking around.”

But his promise very real, and he offered her an incredible $1,000 tip. While she was unable to keep it initially, 26-year-old Shaina Brown eventually got all that good karma coming back to her from this very kindhearted, generous Waffle House guest. Talk about truly giving back.

“I didn’t shout for joy right then because I didn’t want to seem all dorky,” Brown said. “But I did after he left!”

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