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Waffle House cook shoots and kills unruly customer

WSB News reports a shooting death that occurred in a Georgia Waffle House earlier this morning. Apparently, tempers flared during a heated argument between an unruly customer and a cook. As a result, the cook shot and killed the customer. The restaurant is located outside Atlanta. When authorities arrived at the scene, they pronounced the unnamed customer dead. Police arrested the employee.

A Waffle House employee shot and killed an unruly customer earlier this morning.
Photo by Darren Carroll/Getty Images

A witness said the incident occurred after two men and a woman entered the restaurant. After becoming unruly, the restaurant’s security guard told the woman to leave. The two men remained inside the restaurant. Eventually, the security guard told the two men to also leave. The cook refused to serve the men who had become unruly, which led to an argument between the cook and one of the men. A witness said the customer threatened to shoot the cook.

He then said the cook then grabbed his gun and began firing. He then heard three or four shots and ducked for cover. This is the second death involving a Georgia Waffle House in the past two weeks. On May 31, a customer killed an off-duty Griffin police officer named Kevin Jordan.

The incident occurred after three drunk customers named Michael Bowman, Chantell Mixon and Tyler Taylor entered the restaurant on May 31. The trio became unruly and began making racial comments. The three customers were white and Officer Jordan was black. Officer Jordan was in his police uniform and worked security for the restaurant.

Raymond Jordan, the police officer’s brother had gone to the restaurant to visit his brother Kevin. Jordan said Kevin Jordan asked Mixon, Taylor and Bowman to leave after the trio became unruly. After the incident spilled out into the parking lot, Bowman shot and killed Officer Jordan. Raymond Jordan retaliated and used his own gun to shoot Bowman, who survived.

Raymond Jordan said his only regret is that he didn’t kill Bowman. Authorities didn’t charge Jordan. Officer Kevin Jordan was a military veteran and four-year veteran of the Griffin Police Department.

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