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Waffle House Belgian waffle boycott: Waffles new bad luck charm for World Cup?

Waffle House boycotts Belgian waffles ahead of World Cup match between USA and Belgium.
Waffle House boycotts Belgian waffles ahead of World Cup match between USA and Belgium.
Wikimedia Commons

Some folks wear their favorite hat and others carry their good luck charm, but Waffle House calls for a boycott of Belgian waffles in preparation for a big sporting event? Yes, that’s right, they are calling for a boycott of the Belgian waffle ahead of the USA-Belgium World Cup match on Tuesday, according to Fox News on July 1.

In pure patriot form, the Waffle House took to social network and asked customers to boycott the ever popular Belgian waffles to show your support for team USA at the World Cup of soccer. The Belgian waffle was never on the Waffle House menu they are proud to say they only serve the good old American waffle.

The restaurant is asking folks nicely to abstain from this fluffy breakfast food called the Belgian waffle. The company’s official Twitter feed says; “We don't believe in Belgium (sic) waffles,” (or Belgian waffles), according to ABC News.

They don’t sell the Belgian waffle, but ask if you are going to eat a waffle, go America waffle. That's what waffle lovers should eat ahead of this World Cup match! The restaurant claims this is all in good fun and it certainly is working in drawing attention to today’s soccer match between the two countries, each with a waffle named after them!

People are having fun with this. The restaurant Bojangles tweeted that they’ve been boycotting waffles since 1977. They are referring to never having waffles on their menu since they opened up for business back then.

Another tweet asked if “would we be boycotting French fries if USA was playing France.” The Waffle House serves the American waffle, which isn’t as big and fluffy as their boycotted cousins.

Waffles are very popular in Belgium, but they don’t even call them Belgium or Belgian waffles in that county. They eat a waffle called Brussels waffles and another type called Liege waffles. It's all done in waffle fun today!

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