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Wacky Transformers: Episode 3 "More Than Meets the Eye pt. 3"

Transformers G1 S01E03
Transformers G1 S01E03

If you weren't wondering how "Transformers" became the huge billion-dollar franchise it is today with episodes as insane and dumb as this one, you should be now.


When we last left our heroes, Optimus Prime was falling prey to his old foe, the side of a small mountain.

Optimus falls, and the Autobots roll him back over. His little car makes R2-D2 sounds and comes back, unharmed. Prime struggles to transforms back to a bipedal robots, and then remembers his comrades just got blown up. They start digging everyone out, and figure the Decepticons didn't survive, until they blow up the top of the mountain and turn out to be completely unscathed. Prime tells Ironhide not to go after them, but he does anyway. Blue Streak goes after him and tries to convince him, but ends up joining him in getting blown up; Skywarp teleports behind them and promptly shoots them down. They crash into a river and they save Ironhide from drowning.

Back at base, the Autobots taunt Ravage with the key to his cage and a hologram of Megatron. This gives them an idea; they talk very loudly about a supply of rocket fuel and leave the key in arm's reach, so Ravage can escape and inform the bad guys. Ravage spills the beans, and Megatron is overjoyed. Starscream not only openly declares his desire to replace Megatron, but takes a cheap shot at him when his back is turned. Megatron pops him back in the shoulder, and Starscream begs "Megatron, Megatron!" This is apparently good enough.

Mirage makes up the rocket base seconds before the Decepticons arrive. The bad guys are quickly destroyed, and turn out to be cheap decoys. Megatron laughs that he was onto the scheme from the start somehow, and his troops are at the base, which is apparently real but just elsewhere. Megs flies away to join his troops as they trash the base and steal the fuel.

Back at a rebuilt Decepticon ship, a course is set for Cybertron. Optimus Prime finally decides to straight-up attack, taking Sparkplug and Spike with them. They arrive at the space cruiser and everyone starts firing and punching. Prime almost wins against Megs, but Ravage cheap-shots him and the bad guys run for it. Prime demands a rocket pack from one of his subordinates, and flies after them.

Prime takes a direct shot from the ship's lasers, and Prime hits the ground hard. They console each other, and wonder where Mirage is. On the ship, Starscream tries another insurrection, but Mirage pops up to blast around finally, taking a shot but taking out the ship's power. Soundwave pilots the ship directly back into Earth's atmosphere before Mirage jumps out. The ship crashes in a body of water, and everyone assumes they're destroyed, not bothering to check.

Spike later writes in his journal that because the Autobots didn't stop the Decepticons from stealing energy, but almost blew it at keeping them on Earth, that the world's governments have decided to hand some over willingly. Plans are made to return to Cybertron. Meanwhile, at the bottom of the ocean, the unharmed Decepticon ship opens for Megatron to swim out.


  • The announcer says it's the final episode.
  • How did this show become a hit? The Autobots are a band of huge wusses. No one listens, and their leader Optimus is constantly getting injured and whines.
  • So at what point did Mirage say "I'm going to turn invisible and hide on the ship?" Either he noticed his crew sucks right away, or he's a coward.
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