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Wacky Transformers: Episode 2 "More Than Meets the Eye pt. 2"

More Than Meets the Eye Part 2
More Than Meets the Eye Part 2

On the second edition of Wacky Transformers, I'm starting to seriously think Megatron is senile and Optimus Prime is a helpless little baby.


Robots and people alike struggle to get free of the wreckage of the oil rig. Sparkplug thanks Optimus for helping them, and instead of saying "you're welcome," he explains where they're from. The Witwickys offer to help, and Prime turns them down, until they point out they know Earth better.

Spike contemplates if robots can have thoughts and emotions, but gets distracted a boombox (Soundwave). He leaves it sitting inside, and asks about how the Transformers do their thing. They show they can create holograms of humans, who they've only been aware of for an hour, or turn invisible, which makes transforming pointless.

Soundwave hacks into the Ark and gets knowledge of Earth the Witwickys apparently gave them or their ship got by itself. Spike walks in to catch him, and he runs. The Autobots try to shoot him down, but it's too dark. Optimus reminds them they have infra-red, and they catch Ravager, the dog 'bot.

Megatron decides they're going to attack the Sherman Dam and make Energron from the power it generates. They kick up water and overload it, smashing in and taking hostages, not caring the dam is about to be destroyed by...them. They gather Energon, just as the Autobots show up. The tidal wave starts to threaten a small village down the river, and they divert the water with lasers. That taken care of, they start firing blindly into the dam, though Megatron gets away anyway.

A quick montage later, and the Decepticons are almost ready to go back home. They just need "ruby crystals" for one more load. But Starscream can't resist shooting at rocks, wasting energy. The Witwickys overhear them planning while having tea, and inform the Autobots. They hatch a plan to plant a bomb and bury the bad guys forever. But they're too big, so Bumblebee and Sparkplug get sent in. When they get caught, Optimus decides to send in a tiny drone. The bomb still goes off, and Optimus gets sent rolling down the mountain.

So yes, I'm starting to think Megatron might be all there. He thinks they might have enough Energon to go back home and win a war, but Starscream firing a few rounds is enough they have to make two more trips. Also, the whole "partially destroy a dam before rushing in" has no words.

Also, the Autobots are apparently a pack of wusses. They've lost twice on Earth, and a couple whine they want to go home. Also, Optimus Prime apparently randomly forgets he can fly, swim, or stop rolling down hills. Megatron could take him out with a string pulled between two poles.


  • Prime gets knocked into the water, apparently the only robot who can't swim. He's also shown flying by his own power, but at one point Megatron is very happy he has him hanging from a plank in a dam.
  • Also, a dam has a plank.
  • Two oil rig workers sit around drinking tea?
  • Pretty sure ruby crystals don't have energy naturally inside them, but whatever.
  • Megatron breaks back into the Arc because it can get data they need. So the Autobots don't need the humans, and Megatron should've stayed put. Like I said.
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