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Wacky Transformers: Episode 1 "More Than Meets the Eye pt. 1"

Transformers G1 S01E01
Transformers G1 S01E01

Welcome to an new feature covering one of the weirdest and craziest shows I've ever seen; the original Generation 1 "Transformers." It's a show many of us remember fondly, but maybe it's time to go back and watch it with me.

"Transformers" isn't intentionally crazy like "Adventure Time" or "Spongebob Squarepants." The way logic and motivation are flexible makes me think the writers were either pressed for time or on cocaine. You'll see what I mean when we watch the first episode, "More Than Meets the Eye Pt. 1," for the first installment of "Wacky Transformers," or WTF.


The episode opens millions of years ago in space as a creepy Vincent Prince voiceover explains the war on Cybertron. The war has apparently used up most of the planet’s energy, so Bumblebee and Ironhide are on a run grabbing some energy rods. Some Decepticons show up, so Bumblebee hides behind Ironhide. After a brief shootout, Ironhide and Bumblebee apparently remember they can fly and take off, with the bad guys in chase. They take some lumps and apparently forget to fly again, driving back home.

Back home at Iocon, the Autobots decide to head off world to find new sources of energy. At the Decepticons base, Megatron, the ruler of the world, decides to leave his post and follow them. Starscream promises to overthrow Megatron to his face, and Megatron replies “never!” and brings him along anyway.

The Autobots take off in a giant ship, and the Decepticons chase after them in their won. Two asteroids come out of nowhere and crash in front of both of them, causing a meteor shower that only knocks some people out of their seats. The Decepticons send in a boarding party and start sounding trashing everyone, until they randomly discover Earth seconds later and crash into a volcano.

Cut to four million years later! The ship and everyone in it as apparently been unconscious for longer than human civilization. A volcanic eruption starts the ship back up, and it starts repairing the robots. Unfortunately, it starts with Megatron’s crew. Someone points out Cybertron might be dead, but Megatron ends the discussion with "it must be." Starscream takes some potshots at the ship, which unbeknownst to them knocks Optimus Prime into the path of the repair bot. So the Autobots get fixed too.

Starscream, Soundwave and one of the little tape guys go bust up some transformers at a power plant (haha!), and construction starts on their base. Cliffjumper and Hound find them, and overhear Megatron saying out loud that he’s going to destroy everything. Cliffjumper can’t resist taking a shot, and Soundwave sends out Laserbeak, a robot cassette/eagle with missiles. The two Autobots get blown up.

At a offshore oil rig, Sam and Sparkplug Witwicky are working away, but then the Decepticons attack, knocking them off. They fill Energon cubes with oil, and Starscream says they can go home, because apparently one oil rig is enough for their entire planet. Megatron points out they need more, and the Autobots attack. The Decepticons fly off with Energon, and Megatron blows up the rig. Optimus goes to help Sam and Sparkplug from under some rigging, but oil fires get closer! TO BE CONTINUED!

That's the first episode of the legendary cartoon. Here's some additional wackiness to mention:

-In the opening sequence, Optimus Prime is firing his laser with one arm covering his face, completely obscuring his vision.

-When the Decepticons revive, Megatron tells Starscream to build a base using "his imagination" for materials. Instead of setting up shop in a spaceship that has been untouched by humanity, plant, or animal life for four millennia, or even the metal of their Autobot enemies' bodies, they build it using metal from a structure one of their smallest members knocked down. Later Sparkplug Witwicky pushes him over.

-No one has visited or discovered this mountain/dormant volcano in four million years?

-Megatron has become the ruler of Cybertron but leaves it at a moment's notice to fly to parts of the universe unknown? Then never makes an effort to contact his home planet when waking up, assuming it's still there or that his party is still in charge?

Anyway, next is Part 2 of this epic introduction to aliens who are robots who change into Earth technology to beat each other up in a war that might be over as far as anyone knows. Stay tuned!

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