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Wacky Dating World
Wacky Dating World
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Christina Aguilera chants, "it keeps getting better" on her successful 2008 single. That phrase is almost comical at this point. Venturing through different dick heads is becoming a daily struggle and an experience I could turn into a novel.

Just when you think someone truly likes you for your quirks and witty personality, they blow you away with their unbelievable behavior.

A painted toe nail specimen who advertised they were on another level (imagination can wander here) the entire night, escorted me to his friends mansion in Boulder, Colorado for breakfast. Thunderstorms, my playlist and shocking, supernatural vibes occurring between us, I assumed after working an event so close to where I just left this person, that going back over would be cool. I call and this happens: "Hey, I'm off. Uh, wow - that was quick. Wanna hang out? Nah. Why? We are just hanging with the dogs. Uh, bye."

Huh? I mean, I've been known to over dramatize situations and over-analyze dialogue, but the chemistry and conversations had were on par and definitely on track towards a fun relationship and not reminiscent of the cluster, crap relationship I was in previously.

The dating app curse is crucifying. Should I just get off them all together?