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W.Va. teachers ashamed by D+ ranking

A report that is used to measure and analyze the policies that impact the quality of teachers graded W.Va. with a D+ for the 2009 school year after earning a C in 2008.

This is the third annual study completed by the National Council for Teacher Quality (NCTQ) that examines state policies on:
• Delivering well-prepared teachers (W.Va. earned C-)
• Expanding the teaching pool (C)
• Identifying effective teachers (D)
• Retaining those deemed effective (D)
• Exiting those deemed ineffective (C-)

Nationally, no state received an A or B overall grade. Twenty-five states and the District of Columbia scored lower than West Virginia. States receiving F’s were Main, Maryland and Montana.

The research supports the state for requiring new teachers to pass a basic skills test prior to program admission. However, it criticizes policies for not requiring elementary teachers to have a broad liberal arts education to cover general areas of child learning. On the middle school level NCTQ reported the state does not sufficiently prepare teachers to instruct appropriate grade level content.

A rather large downfall is the state still allows those who have not passed licensing tests to teach for up to one year. If a teacher receives an unsatisfactory evaluation they are not immediately dismissed, but are expected to develop an action plan for improvement. Even if a teacher is termed for poor performance, they can appeal multiple times which enables subpar teaching.

Educators believe the reason more college educated students are not choosing to become teachers is due to the low starting salary which is $26,704 in West Virginia while the national average is $38,284.

This research is funded by private foundations nationwide with no federal funding.

For the full report:

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  • SFC Richard Guzman 5 years ago

    Intereting article? Did not know West Virginia's Teacher system was doing so bad. Surpised to see New York was not on the list for recieving an "F". Interestingly to note though you stated educated students are choosing teaching careers at a minimal level, well what about the educated students that are choosing this career? What is there motivation? Obviosily its not the $$$$$$$$ - just a thought!

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