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W.A.R. Wrestling celebrates 11 years in style

On January 18, 2014 W.A. R. Wrestling or Wrestling and Respect, will celebrate their 11th anniversary with a stacked show and the second annual Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

WAR Wrestling 11th Anniversary
WAR Wrestling

W.A.R. Wrestling is an enigma in the world of independent professional wresting by not only surviving for 11 years but thriving in a business that would see so many promotions falter, sometimes almost before they run their first show. W.A.R. Wrestling, through years of grinding, pounding the pavement, trial and error, blood and sweat and the occasional curse word and tears, has found a formula that keeps this promotion in demand, growing and most importantly, respected.

Much of the success of the promotion can be left with promoter Tom Williams, who has a resume that includes wrestling, booking, training potential stars and a business acumen not often seen in many independent promoters. Ever humble Williams said “We’ve never claimed to be the best, I just want to put on a show that keeps the fans talking.”

W.A.R. Wrestling has a talent roster that includes some of the best workers not only in the state of Ohio but in the Mid-West including Sherman Tank, Chris Hall, veteran Cody Hawk, the ever controversial Jock Samson and one of the most underrated tag teams in The Painkillers (Jacob/Jake Hollows).

One of the elements that makes W.A.R. Wrestling successful is the attention that is paid to the fans, providing them with edge of your seat entertainment with consistency as well as treating the wrestlers who work the show with respect by providing drinks, food and a pay envelope that contains the amount negotiated not an I.O.U. or a “get you next time” from the promoter.

“I always look forward to going to a W.A.R. show,” one fan said. “It’s great family entertainment that I can take my kids to.”

With Williams the driving force behind W.A.R. Wrestling the company has expanded its reach within Ohio by booking a number of county fairs across northwest Ohio and expanding into the southwest area as well. Always an advocate for helping the community W.A.R. Wrestling has helped raise thousands of dollars for local charities including the local animal shelter which is a show the wrestlers often donate their payoff and fans are quick to help support as well.

The 11th Anniversary and Hall of Fame show will be in a new location for the promotion after years of running in the old UAW Hall. The Allen East Community Center in Harrod, OH, just a few miles outside of Lima will host this years’ show.

One of the most anticipated matches on the show will be in a steel cage and the W.A.R. Heavyweight Championship will be on the line when champion Juice Jennings will square off with Jock Samson who vows to give Jennings the beating of his life. “I am going to destroy Juice and the hope of all the fans from Lima,” Samson said.

In what promises to be one of the more brutal matches on the card, former tag team partners and friends Sherman Tank will battle Chris Hall in a “Last Man Standing” match. The two have been feuding for the better part of the last year with neither holding an advantage over the other, possibly due to their tag team partnership, knowing the strengths and weaknesses of one another. “I plan on knocking Hall’s ass out,” Tank said.

Longtime W.A.R. Wrestling veteran Dusty Dillinger will face Dexter Dementia in what is being hailed as Dementia’s last match. These two have faced each other many times over the years always pushing one another to their limit and this match will be no exception. Dementia has vowed to be victorious in his last match ever.

Brian Beech, who has been quickly regaining his standing as one of the stars of the independent scene after being off for the better part of a year with an injury will be in a Hardcore Match with “Relentless” Ron Mathis.

Billy Jack Samson, the nephew, cousin, brother, uncle of Jock Samson will take on former W.A.R. Wrestling Heavyweight Champion Jeremy “The Butcher” Mardox.

A special six-man tag team match pits six of the most talented veterans and rising stars as Cody Hawk, Zakk Spadez and Caleb Stills will do battle with Matt Taylor, Appollo Starr (who is another very underrated wrestler) and “The Archangel of Justice” Raguel.

The W.A.R Wresting Tag Team Championship will be on the line when champions The Scarbonis with manager Vinnie from Jersey meet up with former champions The Painkillers in a “Tables, Ladders and Chairs” match and with the animosity between these two teams a match like this will be both exciting and brutal.

A special ceremony, which has become synonymous with the anniversary show, will be held prior to the show and will induct eight more stars and legends into the W.A.R. Wrestling Hall of Fame. The 2013 class included “Sweet” Stevie Lee, Al Snow, who has a long history with W.A.R. Wrestling (whose roots are founded in the GWA which involved Snow), “Big” Jim Lancaster (who trained Snow and had a lengthy career of his own and is now a Mid-West wrestling historian), Nightmare #1 and #2 with Count Maurice Demon, and Crusher Kline.

The Class of 2014 will include a former W.A.R. Wrestling Heavyweight Champion “Metal Head” Steve Stone, a former WWE tag team with roots in the Mid-West and Ohio, The Highlanders, Les Thatcher (one of the greatest workers ever in professional wrestling and trainer of a number of current and former superstars), The Flying Tigers, Nigel McGuinness (who is considered one of the best workers on the indies but who saw his career cut short), and longtime promoter, wrestler and trainer Roger Ruffen.

W.A.R. Wrestling or Wrestling and Respect is a class organization that is headed up by humble, passionate and respectful owner and group of investors as well as having a roster that is full of some of the best in the business. Having 11 years of promoting and doing so efficaciously is something to celebrate and the W.A.R. Wrestling 11th Anniversary show and Hall of Fame Ceremony will be a heart pounding, hard hitting and action packed party.

For more information on W.A.R. Wrestling and the 11th Anniversary show and Hall of Fame Ceremony visit them here.

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