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Vysk offers unprecedented privacy protection for your smartphone

Two new smartphone cases that can be privacy protection right in your hands
Two new smartphone cases that can be privacy protection right in your hands
Photo Courtesy of Vysk Communications

Vysk Communications, Inc, CEO, Victor Cocchia is excited.

Now after talking with Cocchia for a few minutes, I could tell he's a passionate guy and when he feels strongly about something, he can make things happen.

Well, Cocchia feels strongly about privacy when it comes to every aspect of our lives, so he came up with a privacy protection solution for the one thing we have with us every moment of our lives, our smartphone.

"We started looking at this a year and a half ago (on) how quantum randomness could protect a person's smartphone," explained Cocchia. "

Vysk has developed smartphone cases for the iPhone and Samsung Galaxys that not only provide users with encrypted calling and texting, but it will also put your device on physical lock down.

The Vysk QS1 case uses patented technology to jam your microphones and shutters to block your camera to fight privacy invasions. It provides power users with the ultimate in a case that will render an operating system useless for those trying to compromise a phone.

Cocchia says the QS1 will retail for $229 when it becomes available later this summer. The encryption service that will protect your voicemail, SMS messages and your photo gallery will cast $9.95 per month.

All in all, it's a small price to pay for peace of mind.

"Your phone is your most insecure device," offers Cocchia, estimating that small and medium-sized businesses, along with governement agencies will jump head-first into his products.

He also knows that while enterprise users are a natural market, he and his Vysk team will have to continue to educate the public as a whole on privacy issues.

The EP1 case provides everyday privacy for every member of your family and includes a bonus for the $119 price tag.

Look at all the news surrounding the "Snowden anniversary," a multitude of apps like "Yo" and "Find My iPhone" being hacked and the Facebook "listening" mobile app having the ability to engage and take over your microphone, these Vysk cases could be a lifesaver when trying to protect your kids.

The bonus is the EP1 also serves as a battery case for your phone and can provide up to 125% more juice to get you through a long day.

Here are some fast facts provided by Vysk on their phones:

· Best for businesses with Bring Your Own Device policy and government workers

· For iPhone 5/5s & Samsung S5

· Voice over IP technology leaves no data trail

· Microphone jamming system

· Camera Shuttering system

· Encrypted calling enabled by a proprietary processor inside the case using Quantum Secure Encryption

· Monthly subscription service ($9.95) includes: private encrypted messaging, voicemail, and image gallery.

· 50 percent additional battery power

Get all the latest information and buy you case on Vysk at

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