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VWF 2014 goes out with a bang - No fizzle, all sizzle, and full of surprises

Suzette Laqua and Jason Priestley
Suzette Laqua and Jason Priestley
Photo courtesy of Suzette Laqua

The final day of Canada's premier festival for international web series was Sunday May 4th 2014. Vancouver Web Fest official selections screened in completion at the Imperial Vancouver but not before a few surprise guests.

Falcon lady, Joanne Bentley, brought in two of her most amazing and intense birds of prey. The falcons quickly became the stars of the show as guests and team members posed for pictures with the mystical creatures.

The falcons weren't the only stars on the Sunday red carpet, as Mr 90210 himself(better known as Fitz these days), Vancouver native, Jason Priestley, made a brief appearance to lend support to his lovely wife, Naomi, and her just as lovely co host, Jack Monroe, for their hilarious web series titled Shoot the Sh*t.

An official selection at the VWF, shoot the sh*t, set up their gear on the red carpet to prepare for a special episode direct from Vancouver Web Fest.

VWF founder and executive director, Suzette Laqua, took Jason under her wing, to pose with the falcons for a quick photo opp before he himself had to fly away, on a plane of course, back to LA.

Naomi and Jack stayed behind to shoot their show and even included one of the falcons in their broadcast.

Call it stage fright, intuition or just plain old smarty pants on the birds behalf, but as Naomi held the bird on camera, he decided to shoot his own show right there on the red carpet.

An interview with Suzette followed and to wrap things up, the dynamic duo were served their("where are our bloody drinks?") drinks by a priest wearing a robe that appear to be covered in blood(who incidentally was attending the festival to promote and support a completely different web series production), stating, "Here are your bloody drinks."

Quick changes for guests and VWF team members had to be made as the awards ceremony and gala fast approached.

A sea of black dresses appeared to replace the jeans and t-shirts that had preceeded and the awards ceremony was underway.

Actors David Lewis and Lori Triolo shared the honor of MC for the Sunday night awards ceremony. For the number of awards presented and received the ceremony went surprisingly quick.

Even one of the presenters had a surprise for the evening.

As he was presenting the award for best Canadian webseries, William F. White International Vancouver frontman, Ed Brando, announced that he was upping the original prize, contributed by William F. White International, from $3000 to $5000 in production services. Right there, just like that.

To see a list of the winners follow this link back to the VWF website.

Don't change that channel yet!

There was still one last surprise after the ceremony...the after party was catered by five star EBO restaurant and their awarded winning executive chef, Dan Craig, who brought his team from the Burnaby Delta hotel at the Grand Villa Casino.

Decadent meat and cheese platters and a chocolate fountain adorned with fresh fruit were complimented by servers offering inventive, yet scrumptious treats like rocks.


Designed for the adventurous only, these trays were not full of rocks but potatoes disguised as rocks, specially seasoned and baked to dip and devour.

Tender skewers of beef that melted in your mouth were followed up with shot glasses holding that which can only resemble a raw egg.

Thankfully, this mini dessert tasted more like a peach than anything, with a surprising feature of literally exploding in your mouth as it popped.

And the Vancouver Web Fest goes out with a bang...a very tasty bang that is.

Future festivals in Vancouver certainly have their work cut out for them.

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