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Vulnerability: the bridge to building strong relationships


Of the very many creations that constitute the universe, us humans with all our complexities, intricacies and layers are perhaps the most interesting and fascinating to study. We can probe and scrutinize all our lives and still not scratch the surface of what makes us, us! A deep and thorough understanding of all human facets is impossible to achieve. Every layer we peel reveals another that is more complex than the first and at the core lays the secret to our individuality.

To get a hold of deep set emotions, characteristics and traits of another is quite the task indeed, then how do relationships thrive, what makes certain relationships tick more than others? At the base of every strong and successful relationship is the one factor that is missed in regular acquaintances and links – Trust. The strength of any bond is directly impacted by the trust shared by the two individuals. Trust on the other hand is built with time, patience and a good dose of vulnerability.

In this era of fast-everything, finding a lasting bond, be it friendship or love has become almost improbable. Blame it on lack of time, ballooning of ego or need for independence, creating and sustaining a relationship, to the most of us, has become an extremely arduous and tedious task. Yet, humans are social animals, bonds and connections are imprinted in our DNA. The commitment to building and maintaining a bond or connection lies with us. The key to that door lies in allowing yourself to be vulnerable at times.

Unwrap the layers

Creating a strong impenetrable force-field around you will not help in forging bonds that last a life time. Unwrap those thick layers, one at a time, to share a little something of yourself with the one you so care about. This is sure to trigger a reciprocal act and slowly but steadily you will start to build a strong and robust relationship.

Do not fear the risk

Allowing the one you love to take a sneak peek at a part of your inner self might sound risky and perilous. Unless you are satisfied with a life of solitude and seclusion, do not fear to take that risk. Trust is not built in a jiffy and letting the person(s) you care for or the ones you want in your life to inhabit a tiny little part of your personal space will make all the difference in the world to build a cherishing bond.

Work on being vulnerable

You might feel that letting someone in on your secrets and deep thoughts and feelings will increase the probability of arguments, quarrels and disagreements. When your sensitivities are laid bare, the chances of getting hurt are more, more so because the constant feeling of you letting yourself to be vulnerable makes you construe the most regular of comments and circumstances as being against you. Acceptance of this fact needs time, energy and work but you need to keep at it to find happiness in connections.

Focus on the benefits

Relationships that you build with trust and vulnerability create a smooth and bouncy pad for you to fall back on at times of hardship and adversity. People you trust and rely on most certainly tend to give you a feeling of security and protection. This strong support group is needed if you are to succeed in life, personally and professionally. If you value a bond, yet are unable to build trust, identify the factors that are restraining you and work on them to find mutual reliance and happiness.

Sustaining your relationships and making them work is in your hands. The benefits of strong and lasting connections and bonds are countless. From professional victories to general wellbeing and contentment, gains from robust corporeal and cerebral bonds are aplenty. A supple and vulnerable self is the recipe to this tasty and delectable dish.

You just need to handle the ingredients with care!


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