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Vulnerability: it is not stupid to dare greatly

Dr Brene Brown reminds us to keep daring greatly by being vulnerable in our relationships with people.

Being vulnerable is extremely hard. I did not need to read Dr Brene Brown's book, Daring Greatly, to know that. I found it fascinating, though, that someone would dedicate their whole academic career as well as their professional career to researching vulnerability, reaffirming that we are hard-wired for connection with other people; and how being present for ourselves as well as for other people is absolutely necessary. Then again, sometimes the things that we supposedly know are not necessarily the things that we really do know. We know them in order to avoid talking about them and dealing with them...especially when it hurts like hell.

I am certain that everyone has had at least a couple of people in their lives who they trusted, revered, thought they were wonderful...maybe even considered them a best friend and/or a part of their own family. Then, suddenly one day and/or through a series of events; you find out that they did something wrong to you and/or to other people. You are absolutely floored, shocked, and just cannot believe that this happened/is happening. You wonder if you honestly knew who this person was. You honestly wonder if this person really knew who you were if they thought they could get away with treating you or others so badly without you all finding out about it. You are then floored and shocked again. Then, you are hurt, upset, angry, perplexed; and a whole bunch of other emotions in between. What in the world are you going to do? Why in the world did you let yourself be vulnerable to this person or group of people in the first place?

While it is never fun to have your heart ripped out of your chest, thrown on the floor, and stomped upon; you showed up in your life. You were present to this person or group of people in a loving and positive way. It is their problem if they decide to act so badly. I am not saying that it will not sting and hurt like hell for a while. However, you need to find a way to keep going and not give up.

I have gone through this before, and it has been awful. However, I have experienced a lot of great things, learned a lot of great things, and grown greatly in my life by exhibiting vulnerability. If you do not try to show up and put yourself out there in your life; what is the point? You do not know unless you try as the old saying goes. Sadly, things are not going to always work out well. However, many other things will work out well. Keep being vulnerable...and read Dr Brown's book whether or not you need help being vulnerable. Most people, including me, do, so yes, read the book. :)

One of the most vulnerable times of the year is the holidays with all that togetherness with family and friends. I hope it is a great time for you all. If it is not, I hope you all can work it out positively. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to All!!

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