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Vulcan creates artistic forms

On March 12, 2014, snowstorm Vulcan stormed Chicago. This snow created interesting, artistic forms as it adhered to tree branches and tree trunks. The ground contained pock marks caused by falling snow globs as the Sun warmed tree branches.

Snow plow trucks created this row of snow rolls.
Snow plow trucks created this row of snow rolls.
© 2014 Vernon Brookins
Snow from Vulcan creates pointy patterns.
© 2014 Vernon Brookins

Traffic signals and traffic signs displayed snowy covers. Pertaining to traffic signals, with snow covering the “Walk” or “Do Not Walk,” indicators, it was difficult for pedestrians to determine if they should cross streets. On the other hand, many areas lost electricity, so perhaps these signs would not have indicated anything if they did not have snow covers.

Nature’s, snow art exhibits came in the form of rolls, rectangular layers, vertical layers, horizontal layers, blobs and pointy forms. Somewhere in Chicago there were probably snowy octagons. Somewhere in Chicago there were certainly snowy triangles.

Snow that fell upon manhole covers created snowy, circular forms. Snow that fell upon the tops of orange and white, construction cones created snowy, conic forms. Snow that fell upon wooden, construction horses gave wet coats to these horses, but Chicagoans were unable to ride these horses to their homes.

Since temperatures were in the 20s and the skies were clear, Chicagoans heard plopping sounds as snow globs dropped from roofs. In downtown Chicago, warning signs in the forms of yellow, plastic strips or cones were beneath skyscrapers. (Snow falling from 20 stories and weighing five pounds will hurt you if it lands on your head. You will not be studying its artistic form as it splatters upon the sidewalk.)

Spock, the Vulcan character in Star Trek, never created snowy, artistic forms. (He was much too logical.) Since meteorologists change storm names year-to-year, it will likely be several years before you see another Vulcan snowstorm.