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Vube: An emerging challenger to YouTube?

Video uploading service Vube is challenging YouTube in the battle to break new artists.
Video uploading service Vube is challenging YouTube in the battle to break new artists.
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Many providers are springing up to challenge YouTube as the platform for aspiring artists to gain exposure. One such website is Vube. In celebration of its one-year anniversary, Vube recently launched a cover contest inviting users to cover the new Enrique Iglesias single "I'm A Freak" and potentially win up to $10,000 in prize money. BFTV connected with Vube president and co-founder Scott Perkins to discuss the promotion, and what sets Vube apart from the many other options for artists.

"We're doing something a little different than the other platforms," Scott told us. "We're letting people decide what's better. Trying to take the big business control away from content. Just letting the best content win essentially. You could be somebody who's never made a video on our site and make a video today and be going viral tonight. We're really trying to level the playing field."

You don't have to be a singer to find a home for your content on Vube. "You can put any kind of video on our site," he continued. "It was built to be able to be used by anyone and everyone, but we have a pretty strong marketing initiative out there that tries to support content creators in entertainment. The type that's really going to get a lot of exposure is going to be in the entertainment form."

The Enrique Iglesias contest is Vube's second such endeavor, following one with emerging hip-hop artist JRAND previously. "Basically it was an idea that came about because we want to keep the focus on the emerging artist and not really be taken over by the superstars," said Scott. "Not that we don't want to work with those guys. We just don't want them to dominate like they do everywhere else.

"We've tried to reserve the main channels of the site for putting content out there that is doing well and artists that have never been seen before. So we came up with this unique idea where we could work with more celebrity status-type people and help them do releases of their content, and still keep the focus on the emerging artists."

The cover competitions are in addition to Vube's monthly contests, which reward the artists whose videos have the most likes each month. All you have to do to be eligible is upload your video to the site. As Vube continues to grow and gain subscribers each month, Scott is hoping to draw more aspiring artists - and therefore more potential superstars - to his outlet.

"All the metrics that I can see internally are all growing really rapidly," he said. "The product has not been online for a year yet and every month we gain more subscribers [and] registered users. We definitely are gaining traction."

"I would just say for everybody who's been struggling to try to gain exposure, we're really a great alternative to what's out there already. We're making it a lot easier for people with good content to become discovered and gain traction," he continued. "For the fans and people that aren't making content, our entire website is stuff you probably would never have found on YouTube."

To enter one of Vube's contests or find out more about the service, just visit their website (

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