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VPB guide to vegans


Moving to a new city is always difficult, especially when one has an extremely specialized eating regime. Not every city is as friendly as Burlington when it comes to vegan eating preferences.  Wandering the streets can fill vegans with smells that leave their mouths watering.  Usually all of these tasty things are off limits, but in Burlington it’s a different story all together. Even restaurants one may guess to be strictly a “meat and potato” venue, are vegan friendly in Burlington. That’s right, you can order more than the garden salad (without cheese please).

Vermont Pub & Brewery for example, post their options outside for all to see.  Vegans, always skeptical when approaching a menu, find a delightful surprise.  Not only is the Vermont Pub & Brewery vegetarian friendly, but, many items can be transformed to vegan without too much brainpower, or an annoyed wait staff.

If you are a vegan who pretends to be clueless about what is in the fryer, there are two choices of fries, sweet potato and beer battered, aka Brewhouse Fries.  Just thinking about them is drool worthy.  After pouring over this appetizer, delving into the Veggie Mushroom Philly (without the cheddar of course) will leave the diner feeling full and happy.  A vegan may think that those are the only choices available, but don’t be fooled.  Not only is there the staple Veggie Burger, but also a Vegetarian Rolli Polli (minus the feta), a Vegetarian Reuben, and a Portabella Mushroom Sandwich (no cheddar).  With all this talk about vegan options, there hasn’t been mention of the beer, well…just save room for it.

Check it out:  VPB Menu

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  • Pat 5 years ago

    Great article. Makes me want to try the pub and have a vegan meal.

  • Dick 5 years ago

    Thanks for all the great info! I'll have to check out some of your suggestions when I'm in the area. I look forward to any other ideas you might have about what to see/do in Burlington...

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