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VP Joe Biden fires first official shot of midterm election wars

Biden - What should I say?
Biden - What should I say?
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“We could lose was VP Joe Biden’s ‘cheery’ message sent as a fundraiser mailer on Sunday. Democratic donors were warned that major cash will be necessary to avoid a Ted Cruz-like Senate filled with tea party Republicans.”

What was interesting is the theme Democrats have chosen in the first quarter of 2014. Joe Biden apparently thinks fear is the message for traditionally lackadaisical Democrats in midterm elections.

Biden’s mailer went on to say, "If we wake up on Tuesday and find out we came up short, we're in bad shape for November, that is not hyperbole. Losing will mean more senators like Ted Cruz, and more Tea Party Republicans in the House."

Will that motivate wealthy Democrats to fill the DNC coffers?

Paul Bedard of The Washington Examiner finds the doomsday propaganda amusing. Although the logic is nothing new to fundraising letters, it appears this year the Democrats are having a big problem scaring up real cash.

What is the reason for this?

Grass-roots tea party members take the credit. Their justification is Republican gains in the House of Representatives in 2010 changed the political landscape. Most prognosticators predict the Republicans will makes gains in the House and have a better than 60-40 chance of gaining the majority in the Senate.

Will the midterm confrontation of the two parties end gridlock in Congress?

Tensions between moderate Republicans and tea party members will most likely intensify as the GOP begins the search for their 2016 presidential nominee. The Democrats will divide between the moderate left and extreme left in their party. But the big money is all on Hillary Clinton to take the nomination handily.

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