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Vowed local mission stories

Faith rings bells at the Mission San Diego.
Faith rings bells at the Mission San Diego.
Adam Benjamin

For the sake of memories, San Diegans come to the San Diego de Acala mission near the river south of Friars Road to learn the traditions that lasted the years California's first mission stayed open to the locals made good by the vows of the Catholic faith. Shelter for the local mission stories seen in gift shop books, the mission Father Junipero Serra originally settled on Presidio Hill keeps open the rooms the stories today grow.

The faithful stop inside the doors to hear the honest settlements the chur4cch parish agreed on to last the years since the mid 1700s, and, buy a book they can sit down with, and see, in pictures, the mission's age. Just one simple mission left among the California missions that took in the visitors looking for serendipity.

Saturdays, at 10 am, 12 noon, and 2 pm, in the peaceful sanctuary, the church marries the baptized practicing Catholics. Kind help for the San Diegans bound in union by love, those the County Courthouse gave a valid marriage license that makes them safe while they walk down a 100 foot aisle, still stands the test of time.

Staff at the mission made a basilica by Pope Paul never forget the faithful join together in a life long marriage commitment. "Marriage by its very nature is a most serious and sacred commitment."

Mission work does a lot of good in San Diego. Good words, now that field work cultivating wheat and corn no longer gives those at work the work in life, make hearts whole.

The sounds at the Mission San Diego, as the place is commonly known, never go away. July, five bells, again, ring to celebrate Serra's lasting work at the mission. The Festival of the Bells keeps the clock moving ahead.

OPen doors at the mission one turn off Rancho Mission Road, take in the sure at heart for the day.

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