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Vow renewals - Evan and Susan Money choose to keep the romance alive

Life coach, Evan Money, teaches people to say yes to life, like he and his wife Susan say yes to their marriage each and every year. The first time Susan said yes to Evan Money was in front of her high school class. Evan and a fellow body builder surprised Susan and her students with a Hans and Franz ("We are here to pump you up") skit. Somewhere in the middle of the skit, Evan announced he had to go to the bathroom. When Evan returned, he had made a slight costume change, now dressed to propose. Susan said yes, her class was happy for their teacher, and especially happy that she canceled their test that day!

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They said their marriage vows for the first time at Journey of Faith Church in Manhattan Beach, California in 1997. Soon after their first wedding Susan and Evan decided that celebrating their commitment to each other just once, was just not good enough; they decided to get married every year. Evan explains:  "Words are incapable of describing what it means to us when we renew our vows every year; it's better than any romance novel ever written. We are living the ultimate love story, because we choose to. Romance doesn't die, it loses it's caretakers; if you always keep your marriage sacred, good things happen! A successful marriage is very easy, the challenge is it's also easy not to do. Renewing our vows every year is an easy way to keep our marriage thriving; I highly recommend it!"

To give you a taste of their celebrations, enjoy the slide show below.

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