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Votre Vu made Amy Poehler look fresh vivid and sexy at Golden Globes

Votre Vu made Amy Poehler look fresh vivid and sexy at Golden Globes
Votre Vu made Amy Poehler look fresh vivid and sexy at Golden Globes
Votre Vu

Celebrity makeup artist Brett Freedman created Amy Poehler’s look for the 2014 Golden Globes red carpet using Votre Vu products. For Amy's triple duties at this year's Golden Globes (red carpet, host & nominee), Brett gave her an exciting, vivid and sexy look that felt fresh but not overdone.

Brett started prepping Amy's skin by using Votre Vu Attentive Crème du Jour. It’s the perfect starting point for hydrated, firm skin.

Next, he used a Smashbox primer, which helps keep shine at bay and helps makeup hold up longer. The foundation Brett used was Votre Vu Love Me Deux in Cannes, which gave Amy's skin a lift of color. This sheer tinted moisturizer goes on seamlessly and is oh-so-natural looking. He dabbed the coordinating concealer on Amy's inner eye near the tear duct to brighten and make her eyes pop.

Next, Brett added a powder that was an ‘almost bronzer’ shade to give Amy's skin a warm glow.

For blush, Brett used Votre Vu Beaute En Bronze blush/bronzer duo. So as not to give Amy a too sweet/apple cheek look, he swept the deeper bronze shade in the hollow of her cheekbone and up towards her temples. Just above it, Brett swept the fleshy peach tone in the same direction. He then applied a highlighter along the top of Amy's cheekbone to catch light and add a dewy finish.

To makeup the eyes, Brett used Votre Vu Palette Play in Copper. He loves this Votre Vu palette because it's super pigmented and can be used wet or dry. Brett used all fleshy/neutral tones on eyes and applied the shimmery bronze with a damp brush to (like the cheeks) catch light and give a dewy/cream shadow feel.

Eiffel Power Mascara was perfect for the red carpet, since Amy needs something that's not only blackest black, but volumizes and gives her lashes ultimate length.

TIP: Curl the lashes before applying mascara and once more, just a quick pump, after the mascara has dried.

For the brows, Brett used Votre Vu's Arch De Triumphe in Fair. To give Amy's eyes the most open look possible, he brushed the tinted soft wax behind Amy's brow hairs and slightly above, then brushed the hairs up for the fullest possible look.

For the lips, Brett kept it simple with a nude lip liner and clear gloss. He wanted Amy's lashes to be the darkest thing on her face, so he went with a soft and neutral lip, and filled her entire lip with liner and applied a touch of gloss to the center to add moistness.

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