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Voting in midterm elections linked to money, jobs, health insurance

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A presidential election is not the only time that voting matters for a citizen's budget, savings, retirement funds and employment wages. Midterm elections are just as significant for everyday life. Nothing makes a politically savvy person's blood boil more than people who choose to think voting is unimportant or does nothing, especially when the candidate they vote for does not win due to inactivity. Whether the focus is the Affordable Care Act spending, Medicare spending, job opportunities or small businesses flourishing, every vote counts from an alderman to Senate and House reps.

Check out this excerpt from the Chicago News & Events Examiner to find out more info on why voting is important. Share with people who don't vote and those who only vote for the president:

The biggest perk of CNN's "Crossfire" is the ability to listen to two parties talk about the same issue and have to listen to the counterargument of the other. Left-leaning liberals' stomachs may turn at the idea of watching FOX News all day to find someone on their side. Republicans may feel the same way about MSNBC and CNN. And if ever there was an episode to light a fire under those who think voting doesn't matter in midterm elections, the "Crossfire" episode on Thurs., Feb. 13, should've done the trick.

Some of the most interesting quotes that night:

"There are bipartisan bills on the Speaker's desk he will not touch. Why? Because of the obsession with the Affordable Care Act...Every poll I see shows they like [the Affordable Care Act] more than they like the Republican party." - Mo Elleithee

"Democrats really want to focus on low-priority issues: felony voter rights, the war on women, birth control for solar panels. Republicans want to focus on an issue that affects all Americans, and there's no bigger pocketbook issue than Obamacare and its effect on the economy. Why are you guys playing small ball?" - S.E. Cupp

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