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Voting by default or voting with conviction in America

REMEMBER:  When you vote with conviction, that means that you have a strong belief or opinion of being sure that what you believe or say is true.
REMEMBER: When you vote with conviction, that means that you have a strong belief or opinion of being sure that what you believe or say is true.
Photobuckt defines voting as a formal expression of opinion or choice, either positive or negative, made by an individual or body of individuals and in America it is our right and also our responsibility as laws have been established to protect our rights as citizens of the United States. A part of protecting our rights is HAVA (Help America Vote Act of 2002) which mandates that all states and localities upgrade many aspects of their election procedures, including their voting machines, registration processes and poll worker training. The specifics of implementation have been left up to each state, which allows for varying interpretations of the Federal law (interpretations are causing impediments, hindrances and even havoc in some cases around the country which must be rectified). defines default as failure to act; inaction or neglect. According to, default is an adjective that describes a standard setting or configuration. While it is not specific to computers, it is commonly used in IT terminology. The word default has a different meaning when used in a general sentence, for example: He won that game by default. When you use default in that sentence it states that he won by fault, either penalty or whatever, but that is what default actually means, yet in the computer language it stands for standard settings basically.

While voters have a right to vote, they also have the responsibility of voting purposely for betterment. What is a responsible voter? It must or should be more than just someone that fills in a ballot then sports a “I VOTED” sticker on their lapel,--but mostly one that through their actions of seeking information about a candidate or an issue confirms their cause and/or interest and then be motivated to be watchdogs before, during and after political campaigns and elections to hold elected officials accountable on all fronts assuring the majority vote will not suffer “voters’ remorse”.

We let “wannabes” dominate every election cycle while those that are natural leaders are pushed aside because of powerful political machines. The true leaders wait patiently for their appointed time to unfold making a difference for all as destiny has prescribed; but there are those ‘wannabes at-all-cost’ that usually get backed by money benefactors that harpoon their way into public offices dimming out all bright lights that can be seen but not heard because public offices get bought, manipulated and construed then worked against “we the people” who are supposed to be the driving force yet are being the ones that consistently get misused and forced to suffer much lost. We need candidates with a soul of conviction, not sold out.

In 2012, Patrick Murphy won the U.S. Congressional District 18 seat representing St. Lucie, Martin and Northern Palm Beach counties by default; default because Allan West was too extreme and it became obvious the money factor was his driving force. As District 18 representative, Patrick Murphy has made some encouraging yet mediocre strides and has been doved as having one of the largest war chests of the congressional representatives in Washington. Will he let us stand behind him and be driven by “we the people” for our best interest or will the money bags lead his directions if he is allowed to go back to Washington? It appears Murphy is trying to avoid what happened to Republican Eric Cantor in Virginia and taking nothing for granted.

On the Republican side for District 18, sparks have not started to show for any fired up campaigns; to date, the announced candidates have been low key with Carl J. Domino (also see making a showing followed by Alan Schlesinger as far as political TV advertisements that are appearing of late; the other announced candidates are Beverly Hires, ---Calvin D. Turnquest, and Nick Wukoson. After the August 26th primary, maybe the Republican contender for District 18 to face off with Democrat Patrick Murphy will be set to make a good and strong challenge for true grit to prevail.

REMEMBER: When you vote with conviction, that means that you have a strong belief or opinion of being sure that what you believe or say is true. When you vote with conviction, your vote will have value; it is all that we do of value that counts the most and where we can place our trust that in the final showdown we will abound.

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