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Voters with eyes open and deaf ears

Voters with eyes open and deaf ears, they can see what is going on and a deaf to more blather from The White House.

Obama policy making is confusing

American voters are not pleased with President Obama’s managerial performance. They are also not pleased with the Obamacare rollout. They are also displeased with the sluggish economy.

If the economy were rolling at a higher rate, that might wash away some of that displeasure.

Are Americans displeased with Obama’s policies? Therein lies confusion and muddle. That man that was supposed to stand by the middle class and poor hasn’t done enough and has been seen backsliding.

Now, the thing to ponder is Republicans doing anything to offer better solutions? Until now, voters haven’t seen much of anything. The GOP is hiding their medicine.

Citizens are about to see the Senate offer an alternative to Obamacare. That will be something. Yet, they are not revealing immigration reform because they don’t have their internal act together.

So, Americans are flying blindly into the Election 2014 fog in which they have done nothing to improve the crop of candidates before them. They are just being fickle and frustrated which will not produce better government, just another version of what we already have.

By the time Hillary Clinton emerges, what Congress will the American people given to her? That is a good question. What Congress do you want to give the likely winner of the Election 2016 presidential election?

“Emboldened by the president’s weak poll numbers, the botched Obamacare rollout and a still-sputtering economy, GOP donors and operatives are increasingly bullish about their prospects in the midterm election — most of all capturing the Senate. Seats that a year ago looked like sure bets for Democrats now have the makings of real races — in states such as Michigan, Virginia, and, if former Republican Sen. Scott Brown runs, New Hampshire.

Worries last fall that the party would pay a heavy price at the ballot box for forcing the government to shut down have faded as quickly as attention has shifted to frustration with the health care law.”

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