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Voters to take up Barrio Logan plan

Barrio Logan village building depends on support among voters.
Barrio Logan village building depends on support among voters. Adam Benjamin

Slow development in Barrio Logan will not build up in productivity until the voters decide on an update to the community's plan at the statewide primary election in June. The plan to move ahead on smart growth village development in community places rezoned for mixed uses, approved last September by the city council, has been layed aside, for now.

City councilmembers Monday sent to the polls the update plan that did not clear the public dissent hurdle.

The Barrio Logan proposition would remove old zoning made to set aside areas for industry and single family homes from the books, and, rezone hundreds of acres in the sutheast San DIego community. Mercado village apartments, off Caesar Chavez Parkway, opened up the land near the bay to large housing and commercial shop development.

The ordinance voters can approve, in adition to giving village developers large zones to build, takes away a need to get a coastal development permit to build in the bay area. Developers can get a permit exemption for projects built on blocks between Logan Avenue and Main Avenue, and, 16th STreet and 27th STreet.

New Mayor Kevin Faulconer and mayoral run-off adversary, councilman David Alvarez, have marked out rival political territory on the community plan update. Faulconer rejected the community's plan update. The District 8 councilman depends on the plan update to make progress on growth in his community.

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