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Voters, teach nonvoters why midterm elections are important

Voters cast their ballots at Hart's Coin Laundry on November 2, 2010 in Chicago.
Voters cast their ballots at Hart's Coin Laundry on November 2, 2010 in Chicago.
Photo by Brian Kersey/Getty Images

There are very few things that can make a political junkie's blood boil more than talking to someone who is indifferent about voting. There are many people who believe that voting is either unimportant, doesn't matter or they sincerely just don't understand what an electoral college is, or how the House and Senate vote on bills that are later laws.

Check out this excerpt from the Chicago News & Events Examiner to find out more info on why voting is important. Share with people who don't vote and those who only vote for the president:

Outside of Maine and Nebraska, when voting for a president the voter also votes for the candidate's electors (House and Senate leaders). However, the significance of the midterm election is those voters have the opportunity to vote against the House and Senate leaders representing their states that were chosen by the president.

Because the United States is a democracy, not a dictatorship, unless the president chooses to use executive order, every vote counts from a Senate or House leader. This is why picking the Congressional members matter so much every single year that a president is in office, not just every four years.

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