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Voters hate liberalism because they're stupid

creepy obama
creepy obama

A "journalist" who goes by the name of Allie Jones is upset because 9 out of 10 voters have Obamacare as the number one issue that will affect their voting in this years congressional elections and not in a good way. The voters are stupid because Obamacare is said to be working just fine according to the architects in government and so the "debate should be over" by now. Liberals like to fashion themselves as those who "question everything" but once in charge we're supposed to believe everything they tell us. Oh, don't question climate change either.

Here's how Jones reports this in her article "Voters Hate Obamacare More than they want immigration reform":

Democrats have continuously championed equal pay for women and immigration reform over the past year, but those issues just don't resonate with voters the way "death panels" do.

Champions! Only the champs are losing and they are unable to change the subject on the very thing that is adversely affecting the pocket books of millions. The health care law is "working" but people are losing their insurance. We're supposed to ignore all that, listen to the Propagandist and Chief when he declares everything is fine and when no one is believing it blame Republicans because they uttered "death panels" some time ago and the dopey voters are being duped into believing it.

This isn't a news story it's biased reporting. "Progressive issues" (ie: liberalism) is what people really like according to Jones. Immigration is what they should be thinking about but not the part where the president has just freed thousands of criminals onto the streets because they should be given a chance to get away with being "undocumented" something or anothers.

As for equal pay we are also supposed to also ignore the few women who work in the very White House which receive 77% pay to that of their male counter-parts.

In the meantime we are led to believe that Hillary is a shoe-in and all around front runner even though the economy is running at a miserable pace. She's also another "champion" for this cause and that. Nothing works when it comes to policy with this bunch but none of it matters, if they have good intentions and are successful at portraying how evil their detractors are or blame this class of people or "old white males" (in other words, pit people against one another) then they are blameless and at the same time wonderful human beings.

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