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Voters do not trust Scott or Crist, turning toward Wyllie in Florida

Adrian Wyllie (left) polls at 9% in Quinnipiac University Poll
Adrian Wyllie (left) polls at 9% in Quinnipiac University Poll
Photo used with permission of Wyllie for Governor

In a new Quinnipiac University poll out this morning, July 23, 2014, the Libertarian Party of Florida candidate, Adrian Wyllie gains steam as Florida voters seek out alternatives to Rick Scott and Charlie Crist. The last Quinnipiac University poll conducted on the Florida Gubernatorial race on April 30, 2014 did not include Wyllie's name, so now Quinnipiac has a base-line to go by for future polls. Wyllie starts that base-line at 9% throughout Florida and that is with 92% of those polled not knowing enough about him to form an opinion. This is clearly a failure by the general media to inform the public about the candidates running to be Florida's next governor.

Scott has issued with Florida voters as, according to the poll, a full 45% find him "unfavorable" while Crist is in a near identical boat with 42% not liking him. Another interesting revelation from the poll, is that 48% of Florida voters do not find Charlie Crist honest or trustworthy. The poll also showed 48% of the respondents do not approve of the way Rick Scott and the Florida legislature are handling their jobs.

Wyllie does best in the northern part of Florida with 11% and near his hometown of the Tampa Bay area with 10% voting for him. Wyllie will need to focus on the heavily populated areas of Southeast and Central Florida as he is polling between 7 to 8% in those regions of the state.

The timing is good as the Wyllie campaign is going to be touring the state in August for his 30 Cities in 30 Days Craft Brewery Tour. Confirmed South Florida events are scheduled in Delray Beach, Coral Springs and Key West--though more cities may be added in the coming days. Wyllie will also be visiting craft brewers for meet and greets in the Central Florida Metro area in August as he will be in Winter Park, Cocoa Beach, Orlando and Fort Pierce.