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Voter ID…. We don’t have to show you any stinking ID, we are Democrats

ID, to god-damned hell with ID! We have no ID. In fact, we don't need ID.
ID, to god-damned hell with ID! We have no ID. In fact, we don't need ID.
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Everyone knows there is a problem with our right to vote. Like the weather, everybody talks about it but nobody does anything about it. The Republicans complain about it and the Democrats act like you passed wind at a dinner party whenever it is brought up. Very few are actually prosecuted for the crime because sentences are light and the burden of proof is high. If you think it doesn’t happen in your state checkout this map of fraud from 2009, thru 2011. For more recent data see here.

Well almost nobody is doing something about it. Kris Kobach (R) Secretary of State of Kansas took his job seriously as the state’s chief election official. His office created a program called Interstate Crosscheck to protect the integrity of the voter process. The program takes all registered voters and cross checks several fields. It compares fields like name, date of birth and the last four digits of the Social Security number. The goal is to identify possible double voting across state lines. In the 15 states that used the free system to crosscheck 45 million registrations from the 2012 election 1.4 million showed possible voter fraud. Possible because no one has been convicted yet of having the same first name, last name, and date of birth in two different states. North Carolina alone found 81 deceased cast ballots in 2012.

Another group of people trying to protect the integrity of our votes is “True the Vote”. You might have heard of them before when Obama’s IRS was trying to delay their tax exempt status. A group of citizens noticed a lack of poll watcher that were not Democrats in one of the largest voting blocks in Texas, Harris County. They formed up to create the King Street Patriots to balance the representation during the 2008 election. One poll worker Catharine Engelbrecht identified 23,000 bogus voter registrations submitted by one organization, ACORN. By the 2010 election KSP amassed over 1,000 poll watchers to help keep the elections honest. Since that election they have branched out nationwide and formed the group True the Vote so every citizen can participate in honest elections.

So while conservatives and Republicans are trying to preserve the integrity of our election process what are the liberals and Democrats doing? Why getting injunctions against interstate crosscheck, six visits from the FBI, two business audits and two personal audits from the IRS, ATF and OSHA visits for the True the Vote organization.(Federal harassment) Concurrent with the liberal claim that voter fraud is not a major problem and conservatives want to suppress minority voters.

Let us take a look at one minority voter democrats want to protect. Ohio Democratic poll worker and environmental community activist, Melowese Richardsen. Her right to vote was suppressed to only voting for Obama six times in 2012, and admitted voting multiple times in 2008 and 2011. She was convicted and sentenced to five years in prison. Less than a year later she is released and placed on probation for five years. (Melowese) Within days of her release MSNBC host “No Justice No Peace” Al Sharpton invites Ms. Richardsen to be the guest of honor at a “voter rights rally”. (Rally)

So we know where each party stands on voter fraud. It also explains why our representatives cater to the illegal immigrant population while ignoring voter fraud. Voter fraud is not concocted to replace real voters it is only used to push close elections over the line. In 2008 Obama won North Carolina by 14,177 votes, out of millions cast. That’s how close some elections can be. But voter fraud is not some new invention by Obama progressives it has been around quite a while as this grand jury report from the 1976 thru 1978 NYC elections (Grand Jury Report)

Now you know how Dobbs (played by Humphrey Bogart) felt as you would like to see your treasured vote be protected as you are surrounded by bandits. Bandits who call you names like racists instead of god dammed carbron and chinga tu madre when you ask for Identification. You can now see the Importance of those old people called poll watchers and your own vote.

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