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Voter ID demand allowed before Oklahoma Supreme Court again

Supreme Court of Oklahoma allows reentry of suit for voter id requirements
Supreme Court of Oklahoma allows reentry of suit for voter id requirements
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Oklahoma Policy Institute just released the following highlight 2 hours ago : "Today you should know that Oklahoma Supreme Court on Tuesday reinstated a lawsuit that challenges the state’s voter ID law. The lawsuit argues that requiring voters to present identification to vote would pose a particular hardship on the elderly, the poor and minorities." This is the current link to their release.

This is a prior contemplation of similar issues of voter id, from the Oklahoma Policy Institute.

Oklahoma City is less than 30 days away from the OKC Mayoral Election 2014, which has highlighted the population explosion of the Hispanic Community in OKC ( 80%) over the last 10 years AND that OKC has a division of 51% women.

This collection of links fleshes out the call for the public in and out of Oklahoma to focus on these concepts demographics including : gender, race and poverty.

It is not clear if this suit regarding the voter id requirements could effect the OKC Mayoral Election 2014, which is slated for March 4th. It is also remarkable that apparently the Republican OKC Mayor of 12 + years, Mick Cornett, has apparently refused to debate incumbent, Dr. Ed Shadid an Independent.

Shadid has encouraged the debate option, and has pushed OKC to understand voter registration, voter regulation and voter absentee ballot use.

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