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Voter ID comes to Alabama

Keeping it shady in the U.S.A..
Keeping it shady in the U.S.A..
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"The greatest threat to the constitutional right to vote is voter fraud." Lynn Westmoreland.

Four Alabama counties currently have more voters on the rolls than voting age voters per the U.S. Census Bureau.

County Registered Voters Total Active Adult Population Voters Per Adult Active Voters Per Adult

Lowndes 10,236 9,585 8,540 1.199 1.122

Greene 7,327 7,224 6,859 1.068 1.053

Macon 17,341 17,071 16,934 1.024 1.008

Hale 11,974 11,820 11,851 1.010 0.997

The 2014 Primaries in Alabama will see much needed improvement and integrity brought to the election process. Brandon Demyan of the Alabama Policy Institute discussed the changes in a recent Op-Ed on Alabama's new Voter ID Law.

No longer will utility bills or fishing licenses be accepted as proof to vote in Alabama. A valid photo ID must be presented in order to vote in Alabama. We have seen way too much questionable election results, cases of the voting dead, multiple voting, and other instances of fraud nationwide.

The liberal elite have come to depend on voter fraud to maintain their grip on power. When their dynasty is threatened their hired enforcer a.k.a Eric "Fast and furious" Holder is dispatched to vilify and demonize all attempts to keep elections fair and honest.

Alabama's acceptable forms of ID will be:

  1. Valid Drivers License
  2. State Issued College ID
  3. Any Federally Issued ID

The absence of any of these does not mean one is being denied the right to vote. Alabamians lacking an ID can obtain one free of charge at any Board of Registrars Office, Department of Public Safety Office, or the Secretary of State's traveling vans. A provisional ballot can be cast until the Friday after the election, if the voter has no ID. Two election officials can sign affidavits attesting to the voter's identity. The signers can and should be held accountable for any participation in voter fraud.

The race-baiters and professional instigators and agitators will play the worn out raqce card in order to keep keep efforts to ensure integrity out of the process. Vice-President "Crazy Uncle Joe" Biden has went as far as to call voter ID laws grounded in "hatred". It actually levels the playing field as all men and women regardless of age, race, financial status or creed must follow the same rules. The VP is just displaying his usual foot in mouth disease.

Brandon Demyan points out that a 2012 Pew study found nearly 24 million voter registrations were invalid, or about 1 in every 8 total registrations. Seems 1.8 million deceased individuals were still on voter rolls and another 2.75 million were registered in multiple states as of 2012. Deceased voters and multiple registrations are fuel for future voter fraud.

The Obama Administration in attacking voter ID laws is in effect supporting voter fraud. They as usual are a part of the problem not the solution. Could it have something to do with the 35,570 North Carolina voters with the same first and last names as well as birthdays as voters in other states in the 2012 elections? Makes one wonder how many other discrepancies exist in other states.

Restoring faith and integrity in Alabama elections and across the nation is a worthwhile endeavor. Obtaining a valid ID is a miniscule set back in order to vote. Voter ID in order to prevent voter fraud is not racist by any stretch of the imagination.

We must work diligently to keep election honest for all parties involved. The election process must be guarded like a precious jewel from those who seek to surreptitiously skew the results. Educate yourself and others that Alabama is now one of 34 states that require ID come election time.

For info contact:

  • Elections Division 1-800-274-8683 or 1-334-242-7210
  • Internet

Volunteer to clean up areas voter rolls by contacting True the Vote.

We can make a difference and take America back. It takes a grassroots effort and the will to preserve America. I believe Alabamians have what it takes to make the needed course corrections for our collective future. It is vitally important for us to get up and get out on June 3rd and vote. Serve as a poll watcher and help ensure our future elections are kept true and legal.

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