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Vote Scam

The Sunday Plain Dealer of July 5th had two artcles about voting. One was about accountibility and another was an article defending ACORN and the great service they provide in registering voters.

"Leaving these voters out of our democracy is not acceptable to us." My first response is that we are a Republic, not a Democracy! The second is my personal opinion. No one should be allowed to vote if they don't know who is running for office or don't know the issues. Many of these people are TOLD who to vote for. There should also be a voter ID required. It is not a democratic process when large numbers of uninformed people (some not even citizens) are herded and bussed to the polls.

The founding fathers wanted voters to be an informed electorate!  They actually had the Constitution taught in early schools along with the Bible.

Next is accountibility. How can you audit a vote? Certainly NOT by electronic means. I spent 40 years in the computer field, including many years as a programmer. Computers can be made to do anything the programmers want. The American vote has been subject to electronic theft for almost 30 years.

By means of an unofficial private corporation named News Election Service, the press has actual physical control of the counting and dissemination of the vote and they refuse to let the public know how it's done. A programmer can write a program that counts votes. He can also make the computer add or subtract votes from the "establishment" candidate, so that the outcome is in his favor.

You say it can't be done? I've done it! No, not on an election computer, but on a computer that was counting lottery number bets. The program counted all the numbers bet and when one number was played too much, the computer notified the operator and sent it to another operation who would handle the larger amount of bets placed on this number. What's even better, after all the bets were counted, the "counting" program was deleted from the computer, so there was no trace of the program.

Two college students did the research on this when the lost a Congressional election by a bizarre series of events. They traced the discrepancy to the programmer. The book is called Votescam and can still be purchased by going to

My solution to accountibility? Go back to paper ballots. Yes, ballots can be stuffed, but they can also be audited and recounted by different groups of people, not working in any fashion for   the boards of election. Why do we need instant results? January 20th was set by the founders to make sure there was enough time to count all the votes. That would still be plenty of time to count paper ballots today! There are any number of ways votes can be manipulated electronically. I don't trust the electronic vote.

Paper ballots will improve credibility (not eliminate it!).  Oh, I forgot to tell you. Paper ballots won't happen. The "green" movement will say it wastes too much paper!