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Vote on March 4th for Hank Paine. You may need him one day.

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Primary elections are more important than general elections because this is one of the few times your vote really counts and why does it count? Because this is when people outside the “political machine” are trying to get on the ballot against the incumbent.

Tuesday, March 4th is an important day, it is the last day to vote in the Republican Primaries. Hank Paine needs your vote in you live in Denton County. With your vote he will be able to get on the ballot for the general election and run against the incumbent Paul Johnson. Plus there is another challenger as well, Karen Alexander who is also running on the Republican ticket. Now is the time to make a difference on how “Cold Blooded Killers” are handled in Denton County. Hank will pursue the death penalty and has handled cases before. Paul Johnson never pursued the death penalty as the incumbent and Karen Alexander has never handled a case either. If you or your loved one was brutally victimized by a “Cold Blooded Killer” who would you want as the Denton County District Attorney.

March 4th is when you decide who you want. Vote on March 4th for Hank Paine. You may need him one day.