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Vote for United Action for Animals in the Facebook/Chase charity giveaway

Have you heard that Facebook and Chase have partnered to give a lot of money ($5 million!!) to a wide variety of small charities like United Action for Animals? Here’s how it works: Voting started on 11/15. By December 15th, the top 100 charities will receive $25K each. On Feb. 1st, five charities will receive $100K each!

If you're on Facebook and you're not yet a fan of United Action for Animals, then please become one. Then kindly vote for the non-profit animal advocacy organization.

Facebook users each get 20 votes and you can only vote for a charity once. This is not a popularity contest. It's just a great chance to lend one of your 20 votes to a really great group.

Click here to vote for UAA and please encourage your friends to do so as well.