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Vote demonstrates politician’s inability to keep the 2 Commandments

Fans display an Iraq banner during the Barclays Pemier League match
Fans display an Iraq banner during the Barclays Pemier League match
Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

A bill that would have provided 21 billion dollars in a wide range of services for vets was defeated in the Senate; according to a February 27 article in AP News. The bill fell short of the 60 it needed by 4 votes.

The bill, if passed, offered a broad range of benefits designed to improve the quality of life for vets; from job training to education. Both parties expressed a desire to do what is right by the vets; but simply could not agree on how to best address their needs.

One Christian, when asked if he supported the bill, offered the following:

“I don’t know how a person can’t support it. When Jesus fed the five thousand, He didn’t ask how they would reimburse Him. He didn’t separate those who were jobless from the homeless from the drug users. He acted! We didn’t have the money to send them into war; we went into debt. Why aren’t we willing to go into debt to make them whole? I guess “love thy neighbor” is a talking point; not a testimony.”

2 Republican Senators were willing to cross party lines and vote for the bill.

If you were in office would you have supported the bill?

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Source: AP News

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