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Vote in Dane County on Apr. 1st on referendum to legalize marijuana

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Sometimes I get very envious of other voters, who get to vote on things that I never see. States like California have constant referendums. Well if you live in Dane County, you get a chance to vote on a non-binding referendum on legalizing marijuana, tomorrow, on Tuesday, April 1.

This should pass easily, and in Madison might get over 80% of the vote. Marijuana is less harmful then alcohol, when has anyone ever heard of someone beating another person to death in a marijuana fueled rage? Of course not.

The government engages in no knock SWAT raids in the dead of night that has led to the death of innocent people, including children and the very elderly. They take your property without charging you with a crime under asset forfeiture.

All in the name of the war on marijuana, that the alcohol industry supports, ironically, in order to cut out any competition. The only difference between them and drug gangs (that exist because of the war on drugs) is that the alcohol industry doesn't shoot anyone.

The war on marijuana has even led to the threatened taking of children for their parents political activism. Renee Petro was threatened with the taking of her child Branden for her activism to get cannabis medicine legalized in Florida. Branden suffers from pediatric epilepsy which could be treated with cannabis, but is denied. That this is awful and horrible and unjust on so many levels, goes without saying.

So if you are a Dane County voter (alas I am in Milwaukee County) please get out to vote. Also, if you want to support a sane marijuana policy, please support or join the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), the Marijuana Policy Project or any other group that advocates a rational approach to the war on marijuana and drugs.

Also don't forget to check out the Facebook page Legalize IT, which gave me information on this referendum