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Von's is your one-shop stop for your jewelry and bead needs

Von's Gifts and Beads has been a staple in the Lafayette Arts community for over thirty years. Nestled right next to Purdue University, Von's serves not only artists but also students, tourists and anyone who walks through the door.

The shop is a cornucopia of different gift and arts items; bath and body oils, purses, sarongs, scarves, hats. It's famous as a "knick-knack" place because you can find little statues, religious items, Native American art from Arizona, Utah and New Mexico, decorative boxes, candle holders and picture frames. They also have candles, funny coffee mugs, calendars, clocks, mirrors, rocks and gems, gift wrapping and collections of butterflies and insects under glass.

There are treats for younger customers as well. There is a little room called the "Animal Den" where there are shelves of stuffed animals, plushies and statuettes. There are also action figures and kites for the kids to look over.

Need a gift card for that special someone on an important day? Von's has cards from over 60 different companies that range from sweet and funny to the rather cheeky adult ones.

Von's Gifts and Beads true claim to fame is their astonishing inventory of beads and jewelry. They have over 80,000 beads in virtually any types a person would need. The store operates under the "touch and see" philosophy. There are long tables topped with open boxes of separated beads and this approach allows customers to fill up bags of affordable beads for their projects. They have been told by retailers that they have one of the best inventories in the country.

The jewelry section is large and well-stocked with earrings, rings, stone strands, necklaces and body jewelry. They have over 10,000 sterling silver rings and that's just the tip of the iceberg.  Their strand of precious and semi-precious stones are well known and their prices run from $1 to $1,100.

Anyone who knows beads and jewelry in Lafayette goes to Von's. If you're interested in arts and crafts, a kooky gift or piece of jewelry; head to Von's Gifts and Beads. You won't regret it!


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