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Vomitor brings sickness to Austin - Wednesday, December 12

Australian hell merchants Vomitor will make their first-ever appearance in Austin at Red 7, on Wednesday, December 12. The death/thrash quartet is doing a series of appearances on the East Coast, but some generous promoter secured them an exclusive Texas gig so those of us who hate the prices of Northeastern hotels can still get in on the fun. Expect machine-gun drums, string-busting solos, and vomitous vocals from a band whose homeland is notorious for ultra-violent metal.

Vomitor live in Austin

If you haven't seen openers Hod in action yet, then you clearly haven't been to a regional metal show in quite a while because they're damn near everywhere, and they continue to deliver a down-home brand of Texas death metal fury.

Oath of Cruelty is a new entry from Houston featuring members of PLF and Blaspherian, and it will scratch your itch for vicious thrash in the vein of Sodom.

Everyone complains that there are always too many bands on shows, and lame ones at that. This show cuts right to the bone with no filler and no time wasted. The holidays are coming up, so get a jump on the partying and come out to thrash and bang. Wednesdays are usually dead downtown, so it's the perfect chance to venture out without interference from the world at large.

The lineup:

Oath of Cruelty

The venue:

Red 7
611 East 7th Street
Austin, TX 78701

Admission is $10, show at 9pm


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