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Vomit on Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga Images

It is good to push boundaries and learn new things. Everyone who leads has had to run faster than they thought they could as some point or another. However, are there limits to good taste that need to be considered?

Why vomit on Lady gaga? She has talked about being bulimic and it was as if she endorsed this practice at the SXSW Music Festival having one of her colleagues gorge and then vomits on her. HUH????

Bulimia can be life threatening. It is a serious medical condition with tons of emotional overlays. Why would someone in the celebrity spotlight want to give a shout out to the “fun” of this awful illness?

Gaga, aka Stephanie, it is time for you to think about the reverberations of your act on stage and the young teens who watch and learn from you. Yes, you do sing about being true to yourself and that is positive. However, shock for the sake of shock value can be disastrous when taken to its extreme.

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