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Volvo looks to the future of its automobiles with touch screens at its center

Volvo has always made one of the best user-friendly cars inside and out, which will continue into their future line of cars with eliminating many of the buttons, knobs, and dials. Volvo will replace them with a touch screen interface in their future line of automobiles. Giz Mag mentioned this fascinating story on March 3, 2014.

Volvo looks to the future of its automobiles with no more buttons and knobs.
Volvo looks to the future of its automobiles with no more buttons and knobs.
Volvo looks to the future of its automobiles with no more buttons and knobs.

Volvo debuted this new touch screen "Concept Estate" at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show. This Swedish car maker is truly believing in the future of its company and cars by such a drastic departure from its previous design concepts. Most buttons and knobs will be replaced other than the ones which Volvo deems crucial for emergencies and functionality. These include: volume buttons, play/pause, window heaters, and hazard lights. All of these items will have a dedicated knob or button along the bottom part of the touch screen interface.

“Not having to deal with buttons and controls for a growing number of functionalities is like being freed from a pair of handcuffs,” said Robin Page, interior design director for Volvo Car Group"(Forbes).

Most luxury car makers have used large touch screen menus to control most functions via the central dashboard control. These luxury car maker brands have attempted in the past to pair down buttons and knobs, but have been met with fiery criticism from drivers and dealers. Three of the major brands that have attempted this are as follows and what happened as a result:


  • Early 2000's introduced the iDrive system that met with negative reviews
  • The iDrive systems has been repurposed and redesigned multiple times that have added back most of the original buttons and knobs that were originally thane away.


  • Introduced the MyFord and MyLincoln Touch interface.
  • The MyFord and MyLincoln interface systems also met with confusion from drivers who had problems navigating the system.
  • Ford will now be adding back most of the dedicated knob controls that it originally took away.


  • Recently introduced their CUE touchscreen system.
  • The reviews were mixed from drivers on its recent update in their ATS and XTS sedans, which were their new models for 2013.

Early reviews of the Volvo's "Concept Estate" interior design of the touchscreen system have been positive so far. It's being touted as pleasant to the eye, feeling like a Swedish living room, and the entire interior design is a striking resemblance to the Volvo P1800ES from the early 1970's.

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